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Mouse Click Application

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Synapse Media Player

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Internet Research Toolbar

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Take Command

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This is a set of fast and
Synapse is an artificially
Why risk losing the great
Take Command offers a new
handy tools for webmasters.
intelligent media player
information you find on the
approach to working in
Includes Search Engine
that not only plays your
Web when you can Save the
Windows, bringing users the
Optimizer, Search Engine
mp3, wma, ogg, but also
Web with IRT. IRT provides a
power of the command line
Position Report, Search
finds patterns in your
built-in way for Internet
and the ease of use of the
Engine Submission, Site
listening habits. With one
Explorer to save, organize
Windows interface. Take
(link) popularity and
click, you can activate the
and manage Web content.
Command supports existing
Keyword Density Analyzer.
Brain and Synapse will play
It's like an enhanced Google
CMD.EXE commands and batch
back a stream of music from
just for your personal slice
files, and adds thousands of
your library based on what
of the Web. Search what you
new features, giving you
you listen to and what it
have saved by whole or
more power and flexibility
statistically knows you like
partial words, project,
than you ever imagined.
from our unique probability
category, record type,
network. Synapse includes
date-saved, or by combined
many powerful components,
criteria. Also create
including a playlist editor,
bibliographic citations for
a dynamic library which
online information.
automatically organizes your
collection and corrects the
names of your songs for you,
a natural language console
for you to type english
commands to Synapse, a
playmap for
multi-dimensional playlist
editing, and more.

Date: Oct, 04 2001

Date: Nov, 14 2002

Date: Aug, 29 2003

Date: Dec, 09 2004
DocBook SGML Toolbox installs
NB-safecolor is a unique
The SmilieWorX Forum
DNChecker Pro is a powerful
DocBook, OpenJade and other
color tool. It allows you to
Expression System is a
window based program for
SGML Utilities with EASE
choose the right combination
program that allows access
finding valuable domain
using an automated install
of colors for a webpage,
to more than 750 smilies for
names still listed in major
script. From one DocBook
either by choosing from a
posting in any forum which
search engines. DNChecker
file you can produce
websafe/named colorpalette,
understands UBB code or
Pro will search and crawl
pre-defined colorsets or by
URL's (most do). It also
through 8 major search
text. While DocBook is a
specifying RGB/HEX-values.
presents the user with a
engines and generate all the
great language and
Easy copy and paste of
database to index any number
domains listed associated
documentation system its
CSS-code with the color
of remotely hosted files for
with the keyword searched.
associated tools are a REAL
layout to your editor.
inclusion into forum posts
DNChecker is the best
BEAR to install especially
Features a user-friendly
on the fly. Finally, there
application for finding
if you are new to
interface to try different
is a UBB text formatter for
expired domain names.
Unix/Linux. DocBook SGML
color combination, switch
use with forums that do not
ToolBox solves this problem
between colors, undo color
offer a UBB code wizard.
by installing everything for
choice, swap color coding
Supercharge your forum posts
you (13 different utilities
between items, and much more.
with the click of your
including Openjade, DocBook
mouse. The Bandwidth is on
3.1, 4.1, htmldoc, Crocsdb,
us! Download your free copy
Genrd, and others), even
(optionally) automatically
configuring your environment
variables,making and
generating RPM, Debian, or
Slackware binary packages
(as you choose) so that you
can uninstall or reinstall
the packages when you want.
Will save you hours of
installation time.

Date: Jan, 28 2002

Date: Mar, 23 2001

Date: Oct, 27 2003

Date: Jan, 06 2003
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