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Alexa & MultiZ Toolbar

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View Source Editor

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The EasyLogin toolbar button
The world's first toolbar is
Are you furustrated at
for Internet Explorer allows
still the best. The Alexa
Internet Explorer's
software. It allows you to
you to log into websites
& MultiZ Toolbar offers
insistance on using Notepad
quickly analyze any web page
using a single mouse click.
the unique ability to update
when you click View Source?
for SEO. It also allows you
To Use EasyLogin go to the
in real-time to offer you
This little application
to shortlist, follow up and
webpage where you would like
information about the sites
let's you use any text
manage potential link
to log in and type your
you visit. You will see
editor instead of Notepad.
partners just by simple
username and password. Do
traffic ranking and website
All you need to do it choose
clicks as you surf the net.
not click the login button,
details for every site you
the program and you're set.
Finally, SEOSurf is bound to
instead click the EasyLogin
visit. With MultiZ's &
Version 1 is now
impress you by the
toolbar button and you will
Alexa's patented real-time
available, with the
comprehensive help and
be asked where you will be
Related Links you will
following features: -
support that you usually
asked to save your Login
search less and find more on
Easily change the view
never get for other free
Link to your browser's
the Web. Try it and see.
source editor for Internet
favorites. To log in simply
Explorer - Totally 100%
click the link that
Free! - No popup adverts
EasyLogin created for you.
or spyware, it really is
free - Simple to use

Date: Apr, 14 2005

Date: Feb, 24 2006

Date: Apr, 14 2005

Date: Nov, 07 2005
Generate almost all the META
This .zip file contains 40
If you're frustrated at
Bring Vincent van Gogh art to
tags with this simple form.
files, including attrib,
Internet Explorer not
your desktop! Vincent van
No coding knowledge needed.
chkdsk, command.com,
allowing you to view
Gogh is the greatest painter
Just input the data into the
config.sys, deltree, edit,
webpages at the size you
of the Post-Impressionism
form and it generates the
fdisk, format, undelete and
want then you'll appricate
era. His paintings are among
code for you.
xcopy. Simply download the
the EasyRead Toolbar
the most expensive paintings
.zip file, unzip it, and
Buttons. The EasyRead
in the world. The full
copy the files to a floppy.
toolbar buttons allow you to
version of this pack
Insert the floppy and reboot
magnify any HTML page as you
includes 95 high-quality
to DOS 6.22. Also
browse the web.
images for your desktop. A
available for download are
free wallpaper utility,
.zip files to create boot
MoodBook, will draw pictures
disks for Win95B and Win98SE.
from this pack on your
desktop, creating a nice
look and feel of an art
gallery full of great works
of art...

Date: Jun, 09 2005

Date: Apr, 12 2004

Date: Apr, 14 2005

Date: Dec, 04 2004
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