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Pool 3D Training Edition

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FolderScavenger makes it easy
Pool 3D Training Edition is a
If you ever use the 'Start'
Write software help and
to print folder listings, or
billiard simulation game you
menu then you will find that
documentation fast ... and
copy folder listings to the
can use to learn how to play
this free Windows utility is
without exhausting text and
clipboard and paste them
billiard games and enjoy
a much better way to open
image formatting ...
into Word, Excel, or any
playing the game with your
the item that you are
Dr.Explain captures windows
Windows application. It's
friends. It truly simulates
looking for. SmartStartMenu
from a live application ...,
easy to filter listings by
billiard physics including
helps you to turn the task
creates screenshots ... and
file name, and to capture
side ball spin, back spin,
of running any program and
automatically adds
the contents of subfolders.
forward spin, curve ball
opening any documnent,
references to all window's
You can select the format
trajectories. The 3D engine
folder, or website into a
controls ...: buttons, edit
for paths, file date and
lets you move viewpoint in
two or three key-stroke
fields, radio buttons,
time stamps, and many other
all directions and make it
effort. SmartStartMenu uses
dropdown lists, and other
aspects of the folder
closer to table or farther
what you type to generate
items ... Just add some
listings. FolderScavenger
from it. You can move it
description ... Export a
Pro lets you specify if you
while ball movement to see
alphabetized lists of
project at once ... into
want to capture the
trajectories in the most
shortcut items from your
RTF, CHM, or HTML help files
information as simple text,
convenient way.
'Start' menu and any other
... with screenshots, color
comma-separated records, or
folders you have configured
callouts, menus, and index
tab-delimited data. By
to be scanned. Since
creating style templates,
SmartStartMenu is based on
you can turn folder lists
shortcuts (your 'Start' menu
into XML, HTML, or a number
is just a collection of
of custom text formats. You
shortcuts) there is no
can even convert directory
"alias" database
listings into MySQL
to maintain or complicated
files. By saving your
configuration interface to
frequently used
learn. You can change the
configurations, you can
keystrokes used to access an
retrieve and reuse them.
item by modifying the
There is a "No
shortcut directly.
Questions Asked" mode
SmartStartMenu helps you to
that lets you run
clean up your desktop and
FolderScavenger using the
'Quicklaunch' toolbar by
default configuration that
reducing your dependencies
you have
on them. SmartStartMenu
saved. FolderScavenger is
helps you to reduce clutter
fully integrated into the
on your taskbar by
Windows Explorer shell, and
elimintating the need for
becomes part of the context
the 'Address' toolbar.
(right-click) menu. You can
use FolderScavenger to run
the program of your choice
on all files in a
folder. Music collectors
will appreciate being able
to grab song titles, album
names, and artist
information from MP3 music
files. Photo collectors will
enjoy being able to capture
names from their digital
cameras and digital image
collections, and quickly
catalog their picture albums.

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Date: Oct, 06 2006

Date: Aug, 15 2006
Extreme Web Reports is the
Letters of recommendation are
Surfpack is an RSS reader
Ease Jukebox is a powerful,
most powerful web based
very important materials for
that shows all content as a
multifunction multimedia
reporting tool available for
work references and career
normal Web page inside
software, which supports
dynamically generating MS
enhancement. You can now
Internet Explorer, Firefox
WAV, MP3, OGG and WMA file.
Access based reports via a
have 40+ Professionally
and Opera. You can also use
Ease Jukebox has 9 main
standard web browser.
written Letters Of
Surfpack to access your top
functions: file manager,
Extreme Web Reports
Recommmendation for any
favorites, search engines,
playlist, CD ripper,
includes an easy to use
occassion for just 19.99
latest downloaded files, and
audio/data CD writer,
wizard which makes it very
auto-generated lists of most
recorder, audio converter,
easy to integrate web
popular sites right from
audio normalizer, file cut
reporting into new and
your home page. Since
and file combine. And also,
existing web pages or
Surfpack resides locally on
there is an ID3 editor in
applications. The wizard
your computer, it loads
the file manager, with which
scans the specified MS
instantly and frees you from
you can easily edit your
Access database and records
corporate-sponsored content
files' ID3 tag such as
information such as report
and ads.
Title, Artist, Album, Genre,
names, parameters, sub
Year, comment.. info.
queries, etc. Nothing is
written to the database

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