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DocBook SGML Toolbox

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DNChecker Pro is a powerful
DnsSwitch is a perl script
DocBook SGML Toolbox installs
DocMoto stores and manages
window based program for
that can be used to switch
DocBook, OpenJade and other
electronic files such as
finding valuable domain
the ip of a domain to other
SGML Utilities with EASE
word processor documents,
names still listed in major
ip in case of failure. The
using an automated install
spreadsheets, drawings,
search engines. DNChecker
script will run on the
script. From one DocBook
music and photographs.
Pro will search and crawl
server that is hosting the
file you can produce
Any changes made to a file
through 8 major search
nameservers for a domains
(revisions) are
engines and generate all the
and check that domain for
text. While DocBook is a
automatically stored
domains listed associated
availability over the HTTP
great language and
preventing the loss of work
with the keyword searched.
protocol, if the server that
documentation system its
and making it simple to view
DNChecker is the best
hosts the domain responds
associated tools are a REAL
previous versions. DocMoto
application for finding
then the script does
BEAR to install especially
is a multi-user system; many
expired domain names.
nothing, if the server does
if you are new to
people can work together on
not respond then the script
Unix/Linux. DocBook SGML
a single file without ever
replaces the ip of the
ToolBox solves this problem
having to worry about
domain with the ip of a
by installing everything for
overwriting each others
backup server that hosts the
you (13 different utilities
work. Incorporating a
including Openjade, DocBook
simple but extremely
3.1, 4.1, htmldoc, Crocsdb,
powerful security system,
Genrd, and others), even
users can be restricted in
(optionally) automatically
the files they can access.
configuring your environment
DocMoto also includes a file
variables,making and
recovery mechanism making
generating RPM, Debian, or
deleted files easy to
Slackware binary packages
recover. Purposefully
(as you choose) so that you
designed for ease of use,
can uninstall or reinstall
the DocMoto feature set has
the packages when you want.
been deliberately kept
Will save you hours of
straightforward. Its
installation time.
uncluttered interface is
suitable for all levels of
user. DocMoto requires
no additional software such
as databases, and can be
installed in minutes with no
technical knowledge. DocMoto
is a client server
implementation of the open,
published Internet protocol
WebDAV. An Internet
ready revision control
server. DocMoto can be used
for a wide variety of
applications such as Team
Collaboration, Project
Management, Quality Control
as well as everyday file

Date: Jan, 06 2003

Date: Nov, 27 2004

Date: Jan, 28 2002

Date: May, 24 2005
Domain Manager Pro allows you
Find all the details you need
DomainInspect is a
This .zip file contains 40
to store all your domains
of any domain name. Check
feature-rich domain name
files, including attrib,
and easily monitor all your
the DNS settings, Registrar
checker software, enabling
chkdsk, command.com,
domain names. Features
details and much more.
you to quickly and
config.sys, deltree, edit,
recovers nameservers, last
conveniently find desired
fdisk, format, undelete and
updated, created date,
domain names to register.
xcopy. Simply download the
expiration date, status, the
The built-in database
.zip file, unzip it, and
registry information, for
embraces more than 100
copy the files to a floppy.
.com .net, .org, .info
popular gTLDs and ccTLDs.
Insert the floppy and reboot
tld's. Allows you to check
You may choose to manually
to DOS 6.22. Also
when the domains are going
input domain names, import
available for download are
to expire within any range
domain name list in a file,
.zip files to create boot
of days of your choosing.
or have domain names based
disks for Win95B and Win98SE.
Also as an added bonus
on keywords automatically
includes page rank checker,
generated. DomainInspect
alexa rank, google msn and
simultaneously checks
yahoo back links count,
availability and link
whois checker.
popularity of more than one
domain names at a time, and
the result can be saved,
printed, or exported into
other formats like Excel,
HTML, etc. If you are
looking for an ideal domain
name to register,
DomainInspect is the right
utility you'll need.

Date: Jan, 07 2006

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Date: Jan, 09 2005

Date: Apr, 12 2004
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