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0-code Email Address Protector

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1-Step RoboPDF

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3D Box Maker Professional

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"e-Zvit" reporting
0-Code Email Address
RoboPDF gives anyone four
3D Box Maker Professional is
server is an OpenSource
Protector is a tool for
easy ways to instantly
a system to help you create
system for sending in,
webmasters that can help
create secure, compact PDF
virtual packaging (3d Box
saving and analizing of
reduce spam by converting
files from any document in
Shots) for your website.
reporting forms. Any tall
your posted email address to
just one click! RoboPDF
Create dazzling box images
structure of reporting
a Java script function or an
Server gives any size
with reflections or drop
organizations can use
image that cannot be read by
organization the power to
shadows. The Photoshop
"e-Zvit" system
email extraction robots. If
distribute high-quality PDF
quality images will give
for working with blanks made
a visitor clicks on the
creation software to every
your software a real
in MS Excel(with the XLS
email (mailto) link on your
employee via a single, easy
professional look. Templates
extension). The system
website, it will work as
install. RoboPDF provides
for each side of the box are
processes reporting forms
usual, but spam robots will
PDF creation capabilities
provided in the installer.
receiving on-line, by
not be able to extract the
from anywhere on a
Simply make the changes to
e-mail, uploading as an
address from the link. No
computer... all at a
the templates that are most
Excel file. Report
coding required,
fraction of the cost of
appropriate, place the
analizis: "e-Zvit"
sophisticated wizards will
other solutions on the
images on the box and snap
project allows to create the
assist you to get the
your box shot. Simple! The
database of reports,common
results in minutes
rendering engine is OpenGL -
for a few organizations,
a high-powered, industry
departments of a company
standard graphics library.
etc.It uses a system of the
The user interface is
global variables for
designed to be simple and
analizing of the received
intuitive. Use the mouse to
reports. There are some
rotate and zoom in on the
predefined global variables
box. The final rendered
in the system. Another ones
images are JPG, so you can
are the result of SQL
place them on your website
queries to the database. You
immediately without any
can gather and sum the data
format conversion.
from a number of the
reporting forms of the same
type, in the one resulting
report. It can be usual
excel file where the
resulting data defined as
global variables. Therefore,
the structure of your
reporting form(Excel file)
is of no importance.
Analisis of reports sent by
e-mail can be made by means
of system demon Cron (or
another sheduler making
system tasks). Using these
program capabilities you can
check the mailbox, process
sent reports, make mailbox
log, clear the mailbox, make
lists of debtors etc. with
the certain periodicity. You
also can connect to the
mssql,interbase, informix,
odbc, mysql, oracle, peardb,

Date: Jan, 19 2005

Date: Nov, 22 2003

Date: Jul, 13 2003

Date: Jan, 04 2006
Create a 3D button using our
The Web browser is probably
If you are frustrated by the
7tools Partition Imager 2005
3D button maker tool.
the most frequently used
limitations of the Windows
affords everything you may
software today, and many
command line, then 4NT is
need to backup your data. It
tasks are highly
the one command line tool
supports all commercial
repetitious. Internet Macros
you truly need. By adding
operating systems and is
relieves the repetition of
thousands of features that
suitable for both everyday
checking on the same sites
Microsoft omitted, 4NT makes
and rare needs. It provides
every day, remembering
the command line easy to
remote management over LAN
passwords and filling out
use, giving you more power
through TCP/IP or IPX
web forms. Web professional
and flexibility than you
network protocols and allows
can use the software for
ever imagined. 4NT replaces
to backup, clone or split
functional testing and
the Windows command
any partitions of your hdd,
regression web testing of
processor, (CMD.EXE) the
even rare and unknown by the
web applications. It can be
brains behind your command
program. The program can
used to automate web data
place backup images on both
extraction, for example
local or network drives,
online stock quotes or web
removable media or CD.
store prices.

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Date: Jan, 20 2005
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