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eZee FrontDesk Hotel Management

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eZy Run w/ Master Reseller Rights

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eZee FrontDesk is a general
This tool helps in estimating
Create Rounded Corner HTML
You can set 4 programs / web
purpose hotel and motel
effort (hours) required to
Tables and Forms with Drop
pages into this program,
software which is can be
develop software using use
Shadows and other effects in
then you can click the
used as a hotel maintenance
case points methodology.
seconds! Anyone can use the
button to launch it.
software, hotel reservations
Software includes help and
built-in graphics editor to
Saves having to open the
software, hotel management
spread sheet generator.
create high quality designs
start menu all the time, and
software, hotel billing
from menu selections, then
it's only one thing on the
software, hotel property
slice them into sections and
desktop. Just open it
management software
optionally create HTML
and click the button for the
(pms). It is ideal solution
containers to position the
program you want.
for hotel having 10-100
slices. No other program
Rooms. Main Features
required. No graphics talent
include. Hotel status from
required. 70 sample designs
main screen with easy Check
included. Imports over 40
in Check Out Reservation
image formats. Dress up
Group Management/
your web page or eBay
Operations Direct Billing/
auction listings!
City Ledger Guest Snaps
with Web cam at Various
Stages of Stay Full network
support Multiple rate and
rate type support in single
stay Comprehensive User
Management Quick check-in
through identification card
swipe Ability to change
room for a rented room on
any day of the Guest Stay
Well designed restore
database operation for data
recover at any
stage Transaction
management with insert,
delete and restore feature
Expense Management

Date: Mar, 05 2006

Date: May, 27 2005

Date: Feb, 23 2005

Date: Aug, 23 2006
FastFontSet - is a program
Supports Delphi7, Kylix3,
Favorites Box is a plug-in
File Recover is an
that allows you selection of
CBuilder 6 FastReport CLX
for Internet Explorer. It
easy-to-use file recover and
fonts for your needs. Now it
edition is the first
enhances the users' ability
undelete program, designed
is easy to choose the font
powerful cross-platform
to organize bookmarks for
to restore accidentally
that fit your needs from all
report generator for Delphi
quick search and access.
deleted files. It supports
fonts installed on your
and Kylix. Using FastReport
Users will benefit from the
hard disks for FAT12/16/32
computer. You can create,
CLX edition, you can create
opportunity to add extra
and NTFS file systems (used
store and use
highly efficient
attributes to a bookmark
by Win95/98/ME/XP), and will
"sets" of fonts
cross-platform reports for
such as category and
recover files on logical and
(for example,
Windows and Linux with a
comments. When users search
physical hard disks. File
minimum of manual coding.
for a bookmark, these
Recover will recover files,
FastReport's development
attributes are included into
deleted from the Recycle Bin
etc.), so that in the
environment includes a
the search too. Users can
as well as deleted by other
future, you don't have to
Visual Report Designer,
also store logins and
means, for example by the
search all the inappropriate
Visual Dialog Designer,
passwords as bookmark
Shift-Delete function. The
fonts again.
Object Inspector, and
attributes and set up a
programs also support batch
Component Palette.
reminder for a bookmark.
file recover.

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Date: Oct, 22 2004
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