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http-error resolver

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IE Screenshot Pro

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Small and Simple. Stop the
At times it can be impossible
Idaho-Web-Counter is a small
Save an entire web page as an
ugly error pages on your
to keep supervision of
and simple way to add cool
image file in one click (it
site. Do you like the 404
internet activity which has
counters to your web site.
scrolls around the page
error page on your site when
been created throughout the
Just click on the counter
taking shots and stitches
a visitor types the wrong
day especially when lots of
style you want and the
them together). Save
page name? You can use
individuals these days know
program will copy the code
screenshots in the most
how to clear their
you need to your clipboard.
popular formats (GIF, JPG,
suspicious history. With
Paste the code into your web
PNG, etc.) Stamp desired
I-Spy you can sit back and
page and you're done!
text (specified text, date,
let the application log
Idaho-Web-Counter allows you
URL, etc.) on screenshots
every Internet explorer and
to count the number of times
each time you make a
Microsoft explorer action
a page was viewed, or if you
screenshot of a visited web
without the worry that the
can count unique visits.
page. The Send by E-mail
user will clear the system
feature makes a screenshot
history. I-Spy can be run as
of the web page with one
a hidden or visible process
click and mails it to others
and also has the ability to
via the Internet.
run in the Windows system
tray without any
unauthorized user accessing
it if you decide to password
protect it upon a fresh
display. I-Spy does not
only log http requests but
https, ftp and file requests
aswell. But wait, there is
more. You can also log DNS
errors which is excellent if
you are a website
administrator or personal
web user and at the end of
each usage a log file is
created within the
application directory giving
exact details of internet
requests which occured that
day. An additional
advantage of I-Spy is that
the source is freely
available upon purchasing.

Date: Feb, 19 2006

Date: Feb, 19 2005

Date: Jun, 19 2005

Date: Mar, 09 2006
IgniteFusion is an XML like
The Web browser is probably
Quick search IMDB for a movie
Innovate Mail List Studio
tag-based scripting language
the most frequently used
on your harddrive by a
checks a selected pop3 mail
that is object-oriented and
software today, and many
simple right click on the
list account for emails and
simple to use. IgniteFusion
tasks are highly
movie in Windows Explorer
manages subscribers and
is similar to XML,
repetitious. iMacros for
and then choose SendTo =>
unsubscribers automatically.
ColdFusion and Java.
Firefox relieves the
The mail list studio lets
IgniteFusion is shareware,
repetition of checking on
IMDBMovieLookup is a
you customise your standard
all versions are fully
the same sites every day,
simple VBScript (.vbs) that
responses, choose your
functional and do not expire.
remembering passwords and
runs on all MS-Windows
download intervals, log all
filling out web forms. Web
responses, select multiple
professionals can use the
users to send messages to
software for functional
the list etc. Users can
testing and regression web
inform the mail studio that
testing of web applications.
they are absent per email.
Another use is to automate
The mail studio then
web scraping, for example
responds to all senders with
online stock quotes or web
the users specific message.
store prices.
The mail studio can be run
both stand-a-lone or as a
server with scheduled tasks.
In server mode
administrators can access
the user interface from a
client over a tcpip network.
In the demo version the
mailing list is deleted upon
closing the mail studio.

Date: Oct, 02 2002

Date: Dec, 07 2006

Date: Nov, 07 2005

Date: May, 20 2002
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