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Web Cal Plus

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Web Color Converter

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Web Page Archiver

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Web Cal Plus is an HTML
Easily converts color codes
This site provides reviews,
Web Page Archiver is an
Calendar Generation system.
between RGB, HSV, and hex
articles, information and
add-on for Microsoft
Simply enter your events and
(HTML/CSS) with this free,
guides to assist Web users
Internet Explorer that
Web Cal Plus will generate
online tool.
find inexpensive, quality
allows you to effectively
the HTML code. Attractive
Web hosting solutions that
and quickly create archives
multi-color calendars
best meet their needs.
out of Internet publications
including 12-month year
and export these archives
calendars, single month and
into files in the popular
daily calendars. Includes
Compiled HTML Help (CHM)
recurring events, event
format. If you are looking
cloning, holidays, filters,
for information on the
RTF format for beautiful
Internet and you need it for
calendar messages.
future use, this is the
right tool for you.

Date: Mar, 17 2003

Date: Jan, 05 2006

Date: Dec, 28 2004

Date: Sep, 28 2006
Web rePlay is the first web
Web Table Extractor is an
Great HTML learning tool.
Simple tool provides code to
macro recorder for
add-on for Internet Explorer
Displays formatted HTML as
cloak HTML email addresses
everybody! It works just
(IE) allowing you to extract
you type so you can
to prevent harvesting by
like a Tivo, you push the
tables from web pages in an
instantly see the effect of
spam spiders.
record button, start
effective and quick manner.
various HTML tags. Perfect
surfing, push the stop
Also allows you to easily
companion for any HTML
button when you're done. No
select tabular data online
programming needed. Replay
and convert it into files
the macro with one click.
for Microsoft Excel. This
You can even assign an IE
Internet Explorer add-on
toolbar button to your most
makes it possible to find
used macros.It is more than
and extract data from tables
an auto-login application
into a new window, or to
because it records and
look through the HTML code
replays your actions before
of the selected table.
and after login. Create
smart bookmarks!

Date: Oct, 22 2004

Date: Sep, 15 2006

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Date: Feb, 03 2005
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