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AllNetic Working Time Tracker

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Alt MP3 Screensaver Player

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Tracks how much time you
Alpine Lake - The Animated
Play a musical slideshow from
AlterJig is a tile jigsaw
spend on different projects
Tetris is a new game from
playlists of pictures and
puzzle game. You select
and tasks. Thanks to precise
Animated Game Series by
MP3 playlists. You don't
graphics supplied with the
time tracking and accounting
Elefun Multimedia. This new
need to generate a single
game or create your own
you can quickly and
series is a suite of
executable screensaver -
puzzles from any bitmaps.
precisely calculate time
animated nature landscapes,
now you can select it from
When you start the game, it
spent on different tasks.
at the background of which
playlists. Playlist of Alt
scrambles the puzzle and
You can bill your clients on
runs Tetris - the most
MP3 Screensaver
challenges you to restore
time based on real reports.
popular game in the world,
Player includes all
the picture by rotating
You can plan your working
known to each user. One of
information about musical
groups of four tiles to get
day better and be more
such nature landscapes is
screensaver: list of
the tiles back to their
effective in managing your
“Alpine Lake”. Its
pictures, list of music
proper position. Tile
time as you see, where your
background will recall the
files or music playlists,
rotation is controlled by
time is gone. The
feelings you experienced in
and all rules for playing.
left and right mouse
application doesn't occupy
past playing Tetris, and
You can view files in .jpg,
buttons. It sounds easier to
space on your desktop and is
will give you more
.bmp or .tga format and
solve than it is.
controlled from System Tray.
unforgettable impressions.
play .mp3, .mid or .wav

Date: Jan, 03 2004

Date: Aug, 09 2004

Date: May, 06 2005

Date: Feb, 01 2005
Analyse It is a device poller
Nabaza.com Ang Biblia Ebook
ANGIE: Productivity by
Animated Desktop is a unique
that produces graphical
compiled pages of John and
Frame-based Generator
program that allows you to
performance reports for
James displayed in Filipino
Technique. Aspect-oriented
put animated themes, based
devices. You use it for
or Tagalog language.
Programming (AOP) with
on Flash animations, Java
trend analysis. The reports
intelligent ANGIE Frames.
applets, Active X components
are in HTTP format to allow
There is an attempt to
and HTML pages onto your
global view ability, within
centralize functionality and
Windows desktop. The
an organization. Monitor
data accesses for each
software includes a tool for
SNMP and non SNMP devices,
programming language. In
creating your own animated
Utilization, rate and
practice, however, this
themes as well. You can use
absolute reporting, 2D and
attempt does not always
the themes either to simply
3D web graphs, Email
succeed; sporadically a new
do away with the dullness of
threshold exception reports,
functionality is scattered
your desktop or for various
Generic device discovery,
in the code – these are
other purposes, such as
Customised SNMP OIDs with
memory monitor. You can
mathematical calculations,
"aspects". The
also set the regular
Historical export CSV data,
concepts of the
wallpaper, join different
Round robin database
aspect-oriented programming
wallpaper themes together
minimizes disk space usage,
provide the theoretically
into collections and make
Realtime debugging, Simple
basis for solving these
them change in accordance
to use.
tasks and ANGIE frames,
with time. The software
declarative in a high
supports numerous graphic
degree, are the appropriate
tool to realize this in
practise and to increase the
maintainability of the
software significantly.

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Date: Aug, 19 2006
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