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FOX Ping Toolbar

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Frames - a tutorial

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Free FireWall Protection

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Fox Ping Toolbar adds ping,
The EleFun Multimedia is glad
This tutorial on frames
trace and other features to
to inform you about the
covers the W3C validated
PROTECTION!!! Zone Alarm is
Internet Explorer. It will
release of new add-on to
HTML-codes on framesets from
now giving users a free
display in Internet
Amazing 3D Aquarium::
the most basic to the
version to install on your
Explorer's toolbar various
Chrysiptera. Try New
advanced. Includes a list of
computer. Unlike the
server information about the
Screensaver and wallpaper ::
pros and cons regarding the
corporate firewall
web site you are visiting.
Chrysiptera Fish Pack! This
use of frames. Clear code
environment. We suffer from
It displays ping times, page
fish pack consists of 8 fish
with example-files that can
a lack of good firewall
load times, server type, IP
from Chrysiptera family. The
be downloaded or viewed
protection at home. Now we
address and trace routes at
fish have unforgettable blue
have a solution. What is
the click of a button. It
coloration and original
Zone Alarm? An
also shows advanced error
tail, fins and head shape.
Easy-to-use firewall blocks
and HTTP server header
Fish from this family will
hackers and other unknown
replies. You can easily
be a good addition to any
threats. Intrusion
ping, trace and whois from
aquarium; however, they look
Blocking systematically
Internet Explorer and keep
more effective in among
identifies hackers and
the results in archived log
corals and actiniums.
blocks access attempts.
Stealth Mode
automatically makes your
computer invisible to anyone
on the Internet. System
Requirements: Windows
98SE/ME/2000 Pro/XP, 233 MHz
Pentium or higher, 8MB of
available hard disk space,
Internet access. Minimum
system RAM: 48MB (98SE/ME),
64MB (2000 Pro), 128MB (XP).
This is the link to the
free version. NOTE: you want
to choose Zone Alarm, and
Not Zone Alarm Pro, as the
Standard version is the only

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