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Bookmark Base

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Bookmark Generator

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Business CD Magazine

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Powerful multimedia batch
Bookmark Base is a portable
bookmark code Generator for
This magazine has everything
converter supporting two-way
bookmarks and favorites
your visitor to bookmark
business people are looking
conversion among over 70
manager designed to
your web site with just 1
for: articles, news,
image, audio, animation and
synchronize bookmarks
statistics, company profiles
video formats! Supported
between different browsers
and upcoming events. But
formats include CD, MP3,
and computers. Portability
not only that, the Business
means that you can move your
CD magazine is also
copy of Bookmark Base
interactive and packed with
between computers. The best
valuable tools. Load it
TGA, TIF, WMF, and more!
solution is to deploy
onto your computer and it
Advanced WAV/MP3 to CD
Bookmark Base on your USB
enables you to interact with
burning for access in
drive. You'll be able to
the publication. Search the
standard CD players;
synchronize bookmarks among
featured database and
complete CDDB auto-save for
MS IE, Firefox, Seamonkey,
request quotes directly from
conversion from CD;
Opera, K-meleon and XBEL,
the search results.
GIF/Video creation; and
check your bookmarks for
Review, test and install
GIF/Video decompiling are
validity and export them
programs from the
all provided features.
CD. Screenshot:

Date: Jun, 14 2004

Date: Oct, 25 2006

Date: Jun, 03 2005

Date: Jun, 24 2003
This Business logo creation
Catalog Max is a tool
CCNP@Whiz comprises of 5 Mock
Want to rip CD audio to MP3
tool enables you to create
designed to help you create
Tests (300 Questions) on the
format? CD Ripper records
professional business logo
catalogs and reports for
latest pattern of CCNP Exam
audio from your CDs and
within 5 minutes using our
your floppy disks, hard
(640-901). The salient
saves it in MP3 or WAV
online Business logo maker
drives, optical disks,
features include High level
format. It also provides
which requires no logo
CD-ROMs, or just a single
of customization, Questions
WMA, VQF and other format
design software to download.
folder. With a simple and
like Exhibit, Drag n Drop,
support. In addition to
intuitive user interface,
Detailed explanation, Quick
ripping CDs, the program
it's easy to create new
revision tips, scorer of the
also lets you convert other
catalogs and manage them.
audio files to MP3, WMA, VQF
You can search files/folders
& OGG formats. CD
in one catalog or in all
Ripper lets you convert
catalogs. You can even
files in batches and
customize your own catalog
provides full support for
type and category so you can
CDDB and ID3.
manage your catalogs more
easily and more efficiently.
Catalog Max is designed
especially for the computer
user with many CD-ROMS or
floppy disks. Catalog Max
can also export Printable
HTML format report.

Date: Jun, 28 2005

Date: Dec, 10 2002

Date: Oct, 29 2002

Date: Oct, 15 2004
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