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History Cleaner

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History Cleaner- Free Version

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History Collector Pro

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History Cleaner is an
History Cleaner- Free Version
The standard Internet
We are so confident in our
innovative solution for your
is an innovative solution
Explorer's History tab saves
software we offer a full
online privacy issues. This
for your online privacy
only links to the visited
working demo for 15 days.
program is equipped with
issues. This program is
pages, what is not quite
You can try before you buy.
features such as cleaning
equipped with features such
convenient. At the moment
It has lots of very useful
the secret index.dat file,
as cleaning the secret
when you decide to visit a
features like the following:
typed url, cookies, cache,
index.dat file, typed url,
web page through such
Complete history and file
most recently used data
cookies, cache, most
history link, the page can
deletion. Completely removes
among other things. It
recently used data among
be deleted or modified; it
any unwanted files that are
increases the speed of your
other things. It increases
will be loaded to the
deleted in the recycle bin.
PC by removing all
the speed of your PC by
browser from the Internet
Cleans windows secret.dat
unnnecessary files and thus
removing all unnnecessary
file. This new version also
makes more hard disk
files and thus makes more
contains a pop up
available for use. It also
hard disk available for use.
blocker/Adware & Spyware
removes all traces of
It also removes all traces
detection/Windows hider/ and
applications and internet
of applications and internet
blocks IP Messanger service

Date: Feb, 05 2005

Date: Feb, 01 2005

Date: Dec, 09 2003

Date: Mar, 05 2004
Finally there is a way that
A powerful HotLink protection
This article walks you
When a beginner who has VB6
you can analyze web hosts
solution for Windows
through using Server
experience first time opens
before you pull out your
hosting. It installs as an
Explorer in Visual Studio
.NET and just going about
credit card and make the
MS IIS plug-in. You can
.NET to build connections to
making a form up he/she
move. With the Host
easily install it on your
Microsoft Access and
could notice there is no
Evaluator software you can
dedicated Windows server or
Microsoft SQL Server data
Line in the .NET toolbox.
add the web hosting plans
under a shared hosting
What happened, where did it
you want to compare, and
account. The program hides
go? There is a difference
test out the servers of the
your downloadable files and
from VB6 forms that Windows
company who you are
generates temporary links
Forms .NET does not support
potentially going to buy
for each visitor. Links are
the Line control. The
hosting services
valid only for a specified
Line class is based on
from. Using Host
amount of time and cannot be
System.Drawing namespace
Evaluators intuitive
published on other sites.
that provides access to GDI+
interface you can analyze
This can also be used as a
basic graphics
the best hosts based on many
basic authorization solution.
functionality. A Line
of the important attributes
control is a graphical
that you seek in a good
control that displays a
hosting environment. This
horizontal, vertical, or
includes storage space,
diagonal one-pixel-wide line
bandwidth, 12-month cost,
that can't be changed
e-mail, support, redundancy,
directly. The Line control
features, connection speed
can be changed dynamically
and uptime. After this, you
at run time. The control
can choose which plans you
class Line that is
want to compare, weight your
implemented in both
attributes according to your
languages (VB.Net and C#) is
needs and the Host Evaluator
derived from
will generate a table with
the best host.

Date: Jul, 24 2003

Date: Feb, 11 2006

Date: May, 19 2005

Date: Dec, 02 2004
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