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Criline Search and Replace

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an sql file that uses as data
Count Your Time collects and
CreateInstall is a versatile
Criline Search and Replace is
the official names of
analyzes PC usage statistics
and powerful installer for
a search and replace program
countries in english as
during the specified time
both expert and novice
that handles multiple files
given in ISO 3166-1, the ISO
period. All statistics is
developers. With
with just a few clicks.
2-alpha code provided by the
shown to a user in a
CreateInstall, you can
Major advantages: -
International Organization
convenient and
create fully featured
HEX search and replace. -
for Standardization, the ISO
understandable form.
installation programs for
Fast search algorithm. -
3-alpha code provided by the
your applications. At the
Regular expressions
United Nations Statistics
heart of CreateInstall is a
support. - Search and
Division and the 3-alpha
script language, which
replace in archives. -
code provided by The
provides superior
Comprehensive user
National Olympic Committees.
flexibility and power to
interface. - Keeps your
you also have the flags for
enable you to create setups
files safe. - Excellent
each country in the flags
with any degree of
documentation is
folder - the pictures of the
complexity. It has a
included. - A real
flags are named using the
flexible user interface
time-saver for programmers
ISO 2-alpha code of the
along with friendly Wizards
and webmasters.
country they represent so
to create your install files
you should have no problems
in determining which flag
goes to which country
this list is as of january
2006 so it might not be the
most up to date list you
could find. also, keep
in mind that while all the
countries have numeric id
code and ISO 2-alpha code
but not all the countries
have ISO 3-alpha and NOC
3-alpha codes

Date: Aug, 04 2006

Date: May, 14 2006

Date: Feb, 24 2003

Date: Nov, 04 2005
This tool ( cascading style
CubeEye is an advanced 2-in-1
CubeMultiClock is a business
CubeTeacher is an advanced
sheet - CSS generator ) will
alarm and desktop-toy
solution that provides you
automated teaching solution.
create a basic Live CSS
(screen-mate) solution based
with extended
It can be used in any domain
Cascading Style Sheet.
on the famous Chinese Book
of the human activity from
of Changes. Our solution
functionality. It gives you
languages to the large
provides you with a
the possibility to setup any
amount of various
possibility to have a really
number of graphical clocks
information. It allows you
on your desktop; display the
to easily learn during all
forecaster on your desktop.
time for any number of
the day, while you are
And what do you say if this
countries or states you wish
working with your PC. One of
screen-mate will be a famous
in agreeable and easy way.
the main goals during
model or singer?
It is useful when you need
development was to create a
Besides, CubeEye
to know not only your local
solution that could make
application also provides
time but another time-zone's
learning to be totally
you with the possibility to
time (i.e. another country
automated and not boring.
create and use your own
or state's time).
And we did it.
skins, and now your baby or
darling can be always with
you no matter where you are.
And this is not all!
With our alarming system
you can create alarms that
are playing any music you
wish. No more of boring and
primitive alarm sounds. You
want to be noticed about
something by the message
from your darling or
favourite actress living on
your desktop by the song or
music you like? With CubeEye
you will never miss an
important meeting or date.
And please, do not forget
to visit our site to find
more of CubeEye skins.

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Date: Dec, 01 2005
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