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RankQuest WatchRank

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Real Estate Maker

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RankQuest Text Ratio is % of
Know how well you're ranked
RankQuest Web Speed Report
This Real estate logo
text in the page to % of
over time for a keyword in
shows how fast your web page
creation tool enables you to
html code in the page. #
leading search engine!
loads. Web page should be
create professional real
One of the factors that
Manual monitoring of search
optimized, if it takes time
estate logo within 5 minutes
search engines use in
engine kills your precious
to load.
using our online real estate
ranking a webpage is the
time. RankQuest WatchRank is
logo maker which requires no
percentage of text in the
an easy way to monitor
logo design software to
web page. # Simply put code
site's position in Google.
to text ratio is % of text
WatchRank is a free SEO tool
in the page / % of html code
which monitors site's
in the page. # Search
position, its variations and
Engines use this ratio to
compares performance
determine the relevancy of
against your competitors.
your page and higher this
The inbuilt scheduler
value more your chances of
fetches the results daily.
ranking higher.
We have reduced the download
size of WatchRank
drastically to 377KB, with
all the functions intact.
Added to this, our new
layout is sleek and fresh
with enhanced usability.
Currently WatchRank is in
its beta and available for
windows users. But yes, we
are sure you will find it a
very handy tool. Download
the new WatchRank and get

Date: Oct, 05 2006

Date: Nov, 01 2006

Date: Sep, 28 2006

Date: Jun, 28 2005
RegCool is a full-featured
Remove is a powerful utility
Resource Hunter is a powerful
Download HTML Reference, your
Registry editor and manager.
for uninstalling programs
resource explorer for
resource for developing HTML
In addition to all the
you no longer want on your
Windows executable files.
web pages. HTML Reference
standard features, RegCool
computer. You can easily get
You can use Resource Hunter
contains tutorials on how to
adds a variety of powerful
rid of unnecessary
to view, explore, search
build all the main HTML web
features that allow you to
applications, partially
and extract resource from
page components, as well as
work faster and more
uninstalled software, and
any Windows Portable
listings of color codes,
efficient with registry
unwanted Windows components.
Executable (PE) format
special characters, and
related tasks. It allows you
You are able to uninstall
files, such as EXE, DLL,OCX,
common fonts.
to cut, copy, paste, move,
programs that cannot be
SYS, AX, SCR, DRV, etc.
delete, and rename keys and
uninstalled through
Resource Hunter supports
values. It offers an
Add/Remove Programs. In
cursor, icon, bitmap,
explorer style; interface
addition to the standard
accelerator, dialog, string,
remote Registry editing;
uninstall option, Remove
version, AVI, Wave, menu,
.reg and hive (Regedit and
allows you to remove,
animated cursor and more
RegEdt32 compatible) file
modify, backup, and restore
editing; import, export,
your Add/Remove Programs
backup, and restore
list entries. Removing
functionality; and flexible
invalid entries is now
property pages for setting
easier than ever. The newest
keys and values.
version of Remove highlights
invalid program entries,
lists program version
numbers, and displays
user-friendly application
names. It also lets you copy
application names,
uninstaller locations, and
version numbers to the
Windows Clipboard.
Remove is more powerful
than other uninstallers and
Add/Remove Programs list
cleaners. Remove can
uninstall and remove more
software and invalid entries
because of its advanced
features, such as
uninstalling and deleting
hidden programs and entries.

Date: Jun, 14 2005

Date: Nov, 22 2005

Date: Aug, 05 2002

Date: Apr, 26 2005
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