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Command-line XML Converter

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Compare & Backup

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Complete CD/DVD Writer

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XML Converter is a data
Many people often backup
Complete CD/DVD Writer
With this DLL you can develop
converting software lets the
important documents or
(burner) is an easy-to-use
your own window image
user to interactively create
favorite songs, pictures to
CD and DVD writing software
capture tools to capture any
a data transformation. It
another disk or anther
to burn your data, image and
active window or inactive
allows you to use XML
directory. If you do this,
audio files to CD or
window (hidden windows or
documents by exporting
how can you make sure that
DVD. - Burn data CD or
background windows) image
source data into XML file.
you will not overwrite
DVD from data files (ZIP,
and save it to the BMP file
XML Converter is a mapping
important files by outdated
EXE, DOC, etc.) and image
or JPEG file.
and conversion tool, which
ones? If you lost some
files (ISO or CUE/BIN). -
manages all dialects of XML
important files, how do you
Burn audio CD from audio
such as DTD(document type
restore them - copy the
files (WAV) and image files
definition), XSD(XML Schema
backup directory back or
(CUE/BIN). - Build ISO
Definition), and XML
restore them one by
images. - User-friendly,
formats. It is used for
one? Compare & Backup
robust and no-frill CD/DVD
quickly building application
is an easy to use backup
integration solutions. It
software which allows you
will allow you to map and
compare source with
integrate some types of data
destination before you do
to XML document in a
any copying or deleting
user-friendly command-line
operation. Compare results
are shown in 5 sections: 1)
Newer than destination 2)
Older than destination 3)
Can not find destination 4)
Can not find source 5) Only
size changed So you can
exactly know what the
different is between source
and destination. Then you
will know which files need
to be backuped, which files
need to be restored, which
files need to be deleted.
And Compare & Backup can
do all those operations for

Date: Aug, 18 2003

Date: Apr, 22 2004

Date: Aug, 05 2004

Date: Feb, 24 2003
Content Scrubber Email
Convenient, powerful, and
Control Kids filters all
With this Win32 console
Marketing tool is a simple
highly configurable
objectable contents on the
application you can see how
to use desktop application
application for converting
website. Kill unsolicited
much disk space is wasted on
that allows you test your
among nearly all conceivable
pop ups windows. Record all
your drive. The larger the
messages for words and
multimedia formats. Tightly
visited web sites. Kill
cluster size, the more space
phrases that might trigger
integrated with the Windows
banner ads to speed up your
is wasted. The program can
the spam filters, before you
interface, it provides
internet connection. Monitor
also give you a statistics
send your emails out.
immediate conversion from
usage of your computer by
about the cluster size,
any Windows context
logging keystrokes and 100 %
total size of a drive,
(right-click) menu. Simply
compatible Internet explorer
available space on the
right-click on any audio,
without configuration. Block
drive, number of files,
image, or video file, and
any kind of unsolicited web
number of directories, etc.
you can immediately convert
it to any other format. The
output folder can even be
predefined, allowing
complete conversions with a
single click!

Date: Nov, 16 2006

Date: Dec, 15 2004

Date: Apr, 21 2003

Date: Aug, 20 2004
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