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R-Excel Recovery

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The author writes
QuickDev is a suite of 5 web
Quixhibit is a Windows
R-Excel is a tool designed to
developer programs: QuickDev
application that generates
recover corrupted Microsoft
Tags (Custom tag and snippet
HTML image galleries for
Excel Sheets. New
Manager and Storage
publication on the web or on
improvements of file
program), QuickDev Data
CD's. With an integrated
reconstruction technology
(Quickly view the database
spell checker, Quixhibit is
IntelligentRebuild allow the
schema (tables and fields)
especially suited for image
users to reconstruct damaged
of any system DSN), QuickDev
galleries that require text
*.xls files and to restore
Meta (Choose your meta tags,
for images and folders.
lost Excel sheets quickly
edit them, then add them to
Other integrated tools
and easily. R-Excel safely
single web files or every
include as an FTP client,
performs any operation,
webfile in a directory),
file name re-sequencing,
including Microsoft Excel
QuickDev Stamp (Enter your
setting file names to lower
sheet recovery and never
design stamp, then add them
case, and resetting exhibit
deletes from disk, writes
to single web files or every
text to default font
to, or modifies in any way,
web file in a directory.),
attributes and comprehensive
the original Excel files.
and Quickdev Color (Quickly
context sensitive
select a browser safe HTML
color code (HEX))

Date: Jul, 14 2004

Date: Aug, 02 2001

Date: Sep, 28 2006

Date: Mar, 11 2005
R-Linux is a data recovery
R-Word is Microsoft Word
1. Huge pages and unnecessary
RankQuest Duplicate Keyword
and undelete utility for
Document Recovery software
HTML tags in a page can
Remover Tool removes
Ext2FS (Linux) file system.
designed to recover
adversely affect the
duplicate keywords and sort
File recovery after power
corrupted Microsoft Word
performance of a page in the
them for the given list of
failure, system crash, virus
documents. R-Word extracts
SERP rankings. 2. HTML Code
keywords The list of
infection or partition
text even from heavily
Cleaner helps you avoid the
unique keywords and
reformation, even for the
damaged *.doc files and
same by removing unnecessary
duplicates removed are
different file system.
never deletes from disk,
HTML tags and spaces in a
displayed in the result
Unformat and unerase tool.
writes to, or modifies the
page and thus reducing the
There is also a provision to
Creation of image files an
original document files when
page size. 3. The tags that
save the list of unique
entire disk, partition or
performs any operation
have been removed, the
keywords as a .txt file
its part. Such drive image
including Microsoft Word
reduction in the page size
can be processed like
document recovery. The
and the new cleaned page are
regular drive. Recognition
recovered documents can be
all displayed in the
and parsing of Dynamic
saved as Word *.doc or plain
result. 4. There is also a
(Windows 2000/XP), Basic and
text *.txt files. R-Word
provision to save the
BSD (UNIX) partitions layout
supports automatic or manual
optimized page
schema. Localized names
search for Word documents on
support. Recovered files
all (including network)
can be saved on any
disks visible by the host
(including network) disks
operating system.
accessible by the host
operating system.

Date: Jun, 06 2005

Date: Nov, 30 -1

Date: Oct, 02 2006

Date: Oct, 11 2006
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