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S-I MetaTags Generator

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SC Free Icon Editor

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Screen Protractor Mac Edition

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Come here to build the best
SC Free Icon Editor works
The Screen Protractor allows
This small simple script uses
metatags for your site for
like a Swiss Army Knife of
you to easily and quickly
gnuplot and screen to
icon, cursor manipulation.
measure any angle on the
visualize one data-value
Features find, manage icons
screen to the nearest Degree
output in one screen window
on your system,
or Radian. This perfect
to your current terminal.
image-editing features such
compliment to the Screen
Might be helpful if you just
as effects, filters,
Calipers, the Protractor is
want to see the development
rotation, cropping, as well
simple and easy to use with
of one value.
as a huge color palette,
any program. By rotating
easy-to-use editor that has
the slider points to fit
all the functions for
your design, sketch or
creating/editing ICO, ANI,
diagram any angle can be
calculated, in any
TGA, and WBMP files, image
engineering unit that you
filters, including Blurring,
need. You can also perform
Sharpening, Embossing, , and
simple calculations like
Color Balance, image
multiplying the angle.

Date: Nov, 14 2004

Date: Jul, 12 2005

Date: Mar, 20 2006

Date: Apr, 17 2006
Screensaver Maker lets you
Through the use of CSS
Recover data deleted from
Enhance your Internet
create screensaver based on
scripting, you can have a
your PC or digital device.
experience with an Internet
Shockwave Flash (no limit to
customized scrollbar for use
Reclaim documents, folders,
Explorer toolbar application
your imagination!), Image
on your website. These
music, photos, videos,
that offers one-click access
Slide Show (display your
scrollbars can be modified
system files, and more.
to local news, weather,
favorite photos) and Movie
in color, however, the
Recover e-mail from these
movie showtimes, businesses,
(Quick Time, Mpeg, AVI...).
modifications are displayed
popular clients: Microsoft
classifieds, and so much
Several options are
only under Microsoft's
Outlook, Outlook Express,
more. One-click web, eBay,
available: More Files
Internet Explorer. Use our
Netscape, Eudora, and
Monster, Amazon, and stock
Support; MIDI, MP3, WAV, WMA
tool to create the scripting
Thunderbird. Rescue data
quote searches are also
Background music support;
needed for modifying your
from hard drives, floppy
included. 100 different
Transition Effect support;
website's scrollbar color.
disks, CD/DVDs, cameras,
city-based toolbars are
Masking Effect support ;
music players, flash drives,
Customizable screen saver
and dozens of other media
Dialog box, sell your screen
and devices. It can also
saver option, and more...
recover data after PC
disasters, even years after
files were lost!

Date: May, 08 2005

Date: Nov, 11 2002

Date: Sep, 21 2006

Date: Jan, 25 2004
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