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Church Logo Maker

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CLCL - Clipboard Caching Utility

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Clean Registry

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This church logo creation
CLCL is a clipboard caching
Software to backup, clean and
ClipMagic is a powerful
tool enables you to create
utility. All clipboard
compress registry. Make your
Clipboard Extender and
professional church logo
formats are supported.
computer run faster and with
Information Manager for
within 5 minutes using our
Template can be registered.
less errors or system
recording, storing and
online church logo maker
Pop-up menu is displayed by
halts. What is the
sorting text and images,
which requires no logo
'Alt+C'. Menu can be
registry? The registry is
either automatically or
design software to download.
customized. Items are pasted
where your computer stores
manually, with special
automatically. Picture is
information about the
features for recording URL's
displayed on a menu. Tool
configuration of your system
if the text is from an
tip is displayed on a menu.
and your programs so that
Internet site. To save an
The format to leave and the
the operating system
item you simply copy it to
format to save can be set
(Windows) can use it. The
the Windows clipboard by
up. The ignored window can
registry is structured as
pressing CTRL-C. ClipMagic
be set up. The paste key for
then automatically stores
every window can be set up.
it, and if you have set up
Function is extensible with
Rules and Filters the clip
will be moved into a
pre-defined category.

Date: Jun, 28 2005

Date: Dec, 04 2004

Date: May, 31 2004

Date: Nov, 28 2006
Amazingly realistic
CodeLifter is a source code
Color Schemer is an
Color By Number lets you to
screensaver displays clouds
viewer that lets you see all
intuitive, yet simple
convert photo to a
moving in the sky. You'll be
of the code on any http://
utility for picking colors
paint-by-number pattern.
captivated with dynamic
html page, including pages
and creating schemes for
Just scan the photo or load
representation. You can
protected by no-right-click
your Website. Color Schemer
graphics file from disk,
adjust weather conditions
scripts, trapped in windows
provides many different
choose the brand of
i.e. cloudiness in the sky,
without file menus or url
tools for choosing and
paints/crayons to be used
wind direction, speed of
boxes, and 'referrer' pages
comparing colors, and allows
and the program will convert
weather changes. DirectX 8.0
that cannot be seen in your
you to preview them in a Web
your photo to a
browser. You can also access
page mock-up, all before
paint-by-number pattern
.css (cascading style sheet)
implementing them in a real
optimized for the palette
scripts, external .js files
Web page. Is there a color
you have chosen. You can
(JavaScript files), and any
on another Website that you
print the pattern together
other text file at an
like? Or a color on your
with color key
http:// address. 5.0 update:
computer that you might want
added new features and
to use?

Date: Jun, 24 2004

Date: Mar, 05 2004

Date: Apr, 19 2006

Date: Dec, 01 2003
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