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Lasso Tutorial for Beginners

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Kaboom converts code pages of
Kernel for Word - recovers
Dreamweaver extension for
Chapters include: Getting
text files, e.g. from
corrupted word document
keyword density analysis in
Started, Variables, HTML
shift-jis into UTF-8 and
files corrupted due to
dreamweaver design mode.
Forms and Lasso, Control
vice versa. It supports
unexpected system shutdown,
This SEO tool, packed as
Structures, Using Strings,
Windows, DOS, IBM, ISO,
virus attacks. During
dreamweaver extension helps
Using Numbers, Using Arrays
ASCII, ISCII, Macintosh and
repairing process a complete
with search engine
and Maps, Files and
UNICODE code pages. Kaboom
scan of the all the damaged
optimization tasks. Entering
Directories, Databases,
can read and write byte
documents is performed to
keywords you will obtain
Sessions and Cookies,
order marks (BOM) and is
locate and extract the
reports of density inside
Creating Web Applications,
very usefull for everybody
recoverable information.
the different elements of
Debugging, Advanced Topics,
who has to deal with text
After the complete scanning
your web pages, with spam
Lasso Administration.
files in foreign code pages.
the documents which are
alerts and notifications of
In addition Kaboom has over
recoverable are recovered
poor density in sensitive
50 clipboard filters, for
and copied in the user
replacement of special chars
defined location. Kernel for
into character entity
Word Document Repair
references, and much more.
Software uses quick
algorithm for searching and
repairing the corruptions in
the corrupted document files
and hence is a fast, simple
and easy to use Word
Document Repair Software,
which helps you to recover
and repair your corrupt
document files in minutes.
Kernel for Word - corrupted
document recovery software
supported versions includes
Word 2003, Word XP, Word
2000, Word 97, Word 95 and
Word 6.0 documents.

Date: Oct, 18 2006

Date: Jul, 08 2005

Date: Aug, 02 2006

Date: Feb, 17 2003
A Program launcher, text
LaunchIt NOW! allows you to
LaunchIt NOW! Plus allows
A knowledgebase system
inserter, mega search engine
have a small, desktop-like
you to: - have a
allowing to store, access,
& desktop toolbar all
window with full-size icons
desktop-like window with
search and explore knowledge
in one! Open any files,
to launch your favorite
full-size icons and labels
within your organization,
programs or websites with
programs, files, folders,
always at hand, just a
department or team.
hotkeys. Instantly perform
documents or URLs. It runs
hotkey away. - organize in
web searches or use keyboard
in the system tray and is
multiple user-defined tabs
shortcuts to perform common
always just one click away.
all your frequently used
tasks in Windows. Insert
Also, it can be called via a
tools and applications, all
text or play music instantly
user-defined hotkey.
kinds of files, folders and
using hotkeys! Launch-n-Go
LaunchIt NOW! is fully
favorite URLs for easy
is a reliable quick launch
configurable and
launching. Furthermore, - it
toolbar for fast access to
customizable on a per-user
can be fully configurable
anything on your computer or
basis and it offers full
and customizable on a
the Internet. Action &
Windows Shell integration.
per-user basis. - supports
information at your
Add-Ons, small and very
useful tools designed to
extend the product's
functionality. - supports
full Windows Shell
integration for better user
experience. - is 100%
compatible with all 32-bit
Windows versions.

Date: Aug, 04 2005

Date: Apr, 07 2003

Date: Apr, 07 2003

Date: Oct, 25 2006
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