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Dragonfly Browser

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MSG IFilter

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RankQuest HTML Validator

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DateTray is designed to show
Dragonfly is a very small,
MSG IFilter extends standard
1. A page that has HTML
todays date and calendar in
compact browser. It uses
functionality of Microsoft
errors can be difficult for
your system tray. By
very little disk space
Internet Information Server,
a Search Engine Spider to
clicking on the date in the
(under 100 kbs!), but is
Microsoft SharePoint Portal
crawl. Thus it is advisable
system tray it will display
capable of visiting any
Server and all other
to have your page HTML
a calendar on your screen
website on the web!
products based on top of
validated to spot any errors
and allow you to search
Since it uses the same ID
Microsoft Index Server. MSG
that may be there in the
forwards and backwards to
as Internet Explorer, it can
IFilter enables Index Server
page. 2. RankQuest HTML
display any date you require.
use any script that only
to search inside saved
Validator spots all errors
MSIE can use! And, best of
e-mail messages of MSG
in your page based on W3C
all, it's totally free of
format and index all
standards and lists them
charge. With constant
valuable information. Using
with the line number so that
updates, there's always
MSG IFilter, users can
you can make necessary
something new!
easily retrieve information
within MSG documents and
their attachments. MSG
IFilter is a Dynamic Link
Library (DLL) file that
provides a bridge between a
Microsoft indexing client.

Date: May, 31 2006

Date: May, 29 2005

Date: Nov, 06 2003

Date: Oct, 02 2006
Come here to build the best
R-Linux is a data recovery
PayPunch is a Biometric Time
Service Desktop Pro is an
metatags for your site for
and undelete utility for
Clock & Attendance
integrated Business and
Ext2FS (Linux) file system.
tracking system that
Personal Information
File recovery after power
replaces the typical time
Management Software.
failure, system crash, virus
clock used to track
Basically aimed at IT
infection or partition
employees attendance.
Service Providers,
reformation, even for the
Instead of employees
Freelancers, Consultants,
different file system.
punching a time-card, they
Web Developers and Software
Unformat and unerase tool.
simply insert their hand
Developers, this tool can be
Creation of image files an
into the reader and enter
extremely useful for all
entire disk, partition or
their employee number.
types of business managers
its part. Such drive image
PayPunch does the rest!
for managing their
can be processed like
PayPunch ROI is absolutely
day-to-day business
regular drive. Recognition
outstanding and it can pay
activities. It's tightly
and parsing of Dynamic
for itself in as little as
integrated and flexible
(Windows 2000/XP), Basic and
2-3 months.
modules allow you to handle
BSD (UNIX) partitions layout
most aspects of managing
schema. Localized names
your business flow.
support. Recovered files
Simplicity and ease of use
can be saved on any
are the key benefits of
(including network) disks
Service Desktop Pro. Be it a
accessible by the host
small time freelancer or a
operating system.
medium size company, this
software can be used by
anybody. Service Desktop
Pro handles over 20 key
business requirements
including Contact
Management, Leads
Management, Project
Management, Billing
Management, Document
Management, Expense
Management and Customer
Service Management. The idea
behind the software is to
allow its users to record
key business information
relating to the business
lifecycle of project
procurement to delivery and
customer service.

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