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Hard Disk Manager 6.0 is
"e-Zvit" reporting
1. A page that has HTML
Accessor provides a quick
easy, complete and reliable
server is an OpenSource
errors can be difficult for
access to main Windows
toolset for hard disks: hard
system for sending in,
a Search Engine Spider to
functions, folders and
disk management, maintenance
saving and analizing of
crawl. Thus it is advisable
documents. - review of the
and disposal, boot
reporting forms. Any tall
to have your page HTML
File System from icon on the
management, data and system
structure of reporting
validated to spot any errors
system tray; - creation
security, simple recovery. A
organizations can use
that may be there in the
of the list of the most
convenient and clear
"e-Zvit" system
page. 2. RankQuest HTML
frequently used and favorite
interface, smart wizards and
for working with blanks made
Validator spots all errors
folders and use it; -
a bunch of additional
in MS Excel(with the XLS
in your page based on W3C
access to the Control panel
utilities make any task
extension). The system
standards and lists them
and it's elements; -
regarding hard disk easily
processes reporting forms
with the line number so that
termination of any running
approachable even for home
receiving on-line, by
you can make necessary
programs from popup menu in
users. Hard Disk Manager
e-mail, uploading as an
one click; - process
affords everything you may
Excel file. Report
administration allows to
need for managing hard disks
analizis: "e-Zvit"
view available windows,
(both everyday and rare
project allows to create the
description of process; -
database of reports,common
CD-ROM control.
for a few organizations,
departments of a company
etc.It uses a system of the
global variables for
analizing of the received
reports. There are some
predefined global variables
in the system. Another ones
are the result of SQL
queries to the database. You
can gather and sum the data
from a number of the
reporting forms of the same
type, in the one resulting
report. It can be usual
excel file where the
resulting data defined as
global variables. Therefore,
the structure of your
reporting form(Excel file)
is of no importance.
Analisis of reports sent by
e-mail can be made by means
of system demon Cron (or
another sheduler making
system tasks). Using these
program capabilities you can
check the mailbox, process
sent reports, make mailbox
log, clear the mailbox, make
lists of debtors etc. with
the certain periodicity. You
also can connect to the
mssql,interbase, informix,
odbc, mysql, oracle, peardb,

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Date: May, 06 2005
If you're frustrated that a
Drive Backup creates a backup
DateTray is designed to show
Kaboom converts code pages of
website has unselectable
image of entire hard disk,
todays date and calendar in
text files, e.g. from
text or if you need to view
including operating system
your system tray. By
shift-jis into UTF-8 and
some HTML that's been
with all user preferences
clicking on the date in the
vice versa. It supports
encrypted then this
and settings, applications
system tray it will display
Windows, DOS, IBM, ISO,
application is a must. HTML
and data files. Paragon Hot
a calendar on your screen
ASCII, ISCII, Macintosh and
Text Extractor is the
Backup technology allows to
and allow you to search
UNICODE code pages. Kaboom
simplest and easiest way to
perform real-time hard disk
forwards and backwards to
can read and write byte
view and save the HTML and
imaging backup without
display any date you require.
order marks (BOM) and is
Text from any
Windows reboot or any
very usefull for everybody
webpage. Increasingly web
application's interruption.
who has to deal with text
designers are protecting
You can completely restore
files in foreign code pages.
their web pages by disabling
operating system with all
In addition Kaboom has over
the right click menu and
installed and configured
50 clipboard filters, for
using javascript to hide
applications, valuable
replacement of special chars
their text and HTML code.
documents and files with no
into character entity
HTML Text Extractor cuts
reinstallations required.
references, and much more.
through the protection.

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