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Animated Desktop

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History Collector Pro

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SearchGold.net Toolbar

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Animated Desktop is a unique
The standard Internet
SearchGold.net's Toolbar, as
Advanced Stealth Email
program that allows you to
Explorer's History tab saves
well as having a search the
Redirector (Advanced SER) is
put animated themes, based
only links to the visited
web facility, has a popup
a program that sends the
on Flash animations, Java
pages, what is not quite
stopper and cookie eraser
copies of all outgoing
applets, Active X components
convenient. At the moment
built in. There are also
emails. Advanced SER
and HTML pages onto your
when you decide to visit a
links to informational and
monitors outgoing traffic of
Windows desktop. The
web page through such
useful sites on the web.
email client software and
software includes a tool for
history link, the page can
intercepts all sending
creating your own animated
be deleted or modified; it
emails. Then program sends
themes as well. You can use
will be loaded to the
out intercepted emails to
the themes either to simply
browser from the Internet
specified email addresses.
do away with the dullness of
your desktop or for various
other purposes, such as
memory monitor. You can
also set the regular
wallpaper, join different
wallpaper themes together
into collections and make
them change in accordance
with time. The software
supports numerous graphic

Date: Aug, 19 2006

Date: Dec, 09 2003

Date: Mar, 30 2004

Date: Jan, 09 2003
ISAPI_Rewrite is a powerful
Our POSTNET Font Advantage
Catalog Max is a tool
ClipMagic is a powerful
URL manipulation engine
Package allows you to print
designed to help you create
Clipboard Extender and
based on the regular
catalogs and reports for
Information Manager for
expressions. It acts mostly
and Interleaved 2 of 5 from
your floppy disks, hard
recording, storing and
like Apache's mod_Rewrite.
MS Windows, Macintosh, UNIX
drives, optical disks,
sorting text and images,
It can be used to allow
and a variety of other
CD-ROMs, or just a single
either automatically or
dynamic pages to be indexed
operating systems; TrueType,
folder. With a simple and
manually, with special
by search engines, hide an
BDF, FON, PCL laserjet soft
intuitive user interface,
features for recording URL's
internal structure of your
fonts, PostScript (type 1)
it's easy to create new
if the text is from an
web site, to correct
Binary and ASCII versions
catalogs and manage them.
Internet site. To save an
mistyped URLs or strengthen
are provided. You also
You can search files/folders
item you simply copy it to
server security. It supports
receive font tools, macros
in one catalog or in all
the Windows clipboard by
variable rules and
and source code to help you
catalogs. You can even
pressing CTRL-C. ClipMagic
conditions to create really
integrate the fonts into
customize your own catalog
then automatically stores
flexible URL manipulations,
your applications.
type and category so you can
it, and if you have set up
and you can find a lots of
manage your catalogs more
Rules and Filters the clip
examples in product
easily and more efficiently.
will be moved into a
Catalog Max is designed
pre-defined category.
especially for the computer
user with many CD-ROMS or
floppy disks. Catalog Max
can also export Printable
HTML format report.

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