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http-error resolver

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SC Free Icon Editor

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Adwords Generator

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Small and Simple. Stop the
Nothing very fancy but if
SC Free Icon Editor works
Adwords Generator allows you
ugly error pages on your
you'd like to change the
like a Swiss Army Knife of
to generate an extensive
site. Do you like the 404
wallpaper of your Active
icon, cursor manipulation.
list of keywords for
error page on your site when
Desktop every few seconds,
Features find, manage icons
Adwords. Just enter
a visitor types the wrong
you might find this
on your system,
Keywords of your wish and
page name? You can use
application useful. Use -
image-editing features such
Keyword Generator will list
Run the application. Set the
as effects, filters,
different combination of
application to point at a
rotation, cropping, as well
keywords for you. Broad
folder that contain jpg,
as a huge color palette,
match will show ads whenever
jpeg, bmp, dib and/or png
easy-to-use editor that has
that keyword or similar term
image files. Set the amount
all the functions for
appears in a query. Phrase
of time (In seconds) between
creating/editing ICO, ANI,
match will show ads whenever
wallpaper swaps and click
the user query includes your
the start button. The
TGA, and WBMP files, image
keyword or phrase of the
application puts an icon
filters, including Blurring,
exact sequence and form that
onto the system tray, so you
Sharpening, Embossing, , and
user specify. Exact phrase
can close the aplication and
Color Balance, image
will show ads only for the
wallpaper swapping will
queries that exactly match
continue. Right click the
your phrase or will not show
system tray icon to stop
if extra words are present
swapping or to unload the
in the query.
application. New version
fixes a few bugs, allows
longer intervals (From 1
second to 60 Mins) and is
more random.

Date: Feb, 19 2006

Date: Dec, 04 2004

Date: Jul, 12 2005

Date: Sep, 27 2006
RSS Announcer is a desktop
Spell check your entire site
Topsite Adder is a
ABC Amber Internet Explorer
application that submits
and scan for broken links in
revolutionary new program
Converter is a useful free
your RSS feed to all major
seconds. Just enter your URL
that allows you to add your
tool that allows you to
RSS search engines and
and go! Checking
sites to topsites in
convert your collection of
directories.The process is
database driven web
minutes. Features
Internet Explorer bookmarks
100% automatic.
applications in a
include: - submit multiple
into a single PDF, CHM or
traditional IDE or
sites to multiple
HTML file. The converted
text-editor is impossible.
topsites - automatic
file has the contents with
InSite solves this problem
captcha detection and
bookmarks and hyperlinks. As
and enables you to check all
decrypting - support for 4
all "ABC Amber"
your dynamic content for
popular topsite scripts,
products, it's really easy
errors. SmartSense
millions of topsites in
as ABC and powerful as Amber.
technology helps eliminate
total - find and add
false positives generated by
topsites via keyword
industry specific terms,
searches - html link code
company and partner names.
generation for all topsites
This gives you the most
you've added a site to -
accurate results every
javascript rotator that
time. InSite runs on the
allows you to cycle through
Windows but can check web
topsites a site has been
sites running on any
added to and display a few
platform serving static or
at a time With Topsite
scripted pages, regardless
Adder you're able to save
of the backend technology
hours of time and tedious
(such as PHP, ASP, Perl,
work filling out
registration forms, cut
& pasting codes, finding
topsites and more.

Date: Nov, 21 2006

Date: Oct, 11 2005

Date: Oct, 25 2006

Date: Apr, 21 2006
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