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CoffeeCup Website Color Schemer

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RankQuest Code Cleaner

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Web Color Converter

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Color Schemer is an
1. Huge pages and unnecessary
Easily converts color codes
CubeTeacher is an advanced
intuitive, yet simple
HTML tags in a page can
between RGB, HSV, and hex
automated teaching solution.
utility for picking colors
adversely affect the
(HTML/CSS) with this free,
It can be used in any domain
and creating schemes for
performance of a page in the
online tool.
of the human activity from
your Website. Color Schemer
SERP rankings. 2. HTML Code
languages to the large
provides many different
Cleaner helps you avoid the
amount of various
tools for choosing and
same by removing unnecessary
information. It allows you
comparing colors, and allows
HTML tags and spaces in a
to easily learn during all
you to preview them in a Web
page and thus reducing the
the day, while you are
page mock-up, all before
page size. 3. The tags that
working with your PC. One of
implementing them in a real
have been removed, the
the main goals during
Web page. Is there a color
reduction in the page size
development was to create a
on another Website that you
and the new cleaned page are
solution that could make
like? Or a color on your
all displayed in the
learning to be totally
computer that you might want
result. 4. There is also a
automated and not boring.
to use?
provision to save the
And we did it.
optimized page

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Date: Dec, 01 2005
I've done a large amount of
This form will allow you to
Favorites Box is a plug-in
Articles covering a wide
reasearch on Google Adsense,
encode your e-mail address
for Internet Explorer. It
range of high end computer
and I have attempted to
through the use of Character
enhances the users' ability
hardware and software and
generate a reasonable list
Entities, transforming your
to organize bookmarks for
other consumer electronics.
of keywords. So here they
ascii email address into its
quick search and access.
We also have thousands of
are to share with people,
equivalent decimal entity.
Users will benefit from the
scripts for web developers.
please rember that making a
Simply enter your e-mail
opportunity to add extra
site to make money is not
address in the first text
attributes to a bookmark
cool but these will help you
box, click the encode
such as category and
if you have a site about
button, and then highlight
comments. When users search
these, to target your terms
and copy the resulting code
for a bookmark, these
right to make the most money.
produced in the second text
attributes are included into
box. This encoded e-mail
the search too. Users can
address can be read and
also store logins and
translated back into its
passwords as bookmark
original ascii text by
attributes and set up a
almost any web browser
reminder for a bookmark.
without any further action
on your part. Just replace
all instances of your e-mail
address on your pages with
the code, and you won't have
to worry about spam lists.

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