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Content Scrubber

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Web Color Converter

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RankQuest Code Cleaner

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Adsense Keywords

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Content Scrubber Email
Easily converts color codes
1. Huge pages and unnecessary
I've done a large amount of
Marketing tool is a simple
between RGB, HSV, and hex
HTML tags in a page can
reasearch on Google Adsense,
to use desktop application
(HTML/CSS) with this free,
adversely affect the
and I have attempted to
that allows you test your
online tool.
performance of a page in the
generate a reasonable list
messages for words and
SERP rankings. 2. HTML Code
of keywords. So here they
phrases that might trigger
Cleaner helps you avoid the
are to share with people,
the spam filters, before you
same by removing unnecessary
please rember that making a
send your emails out.
HTML tags and spaces in a
site to make money is not
page and thus reducing the
cool but these will help you
page size. 3. The tags that
if you have a site about
have been removed, the
these, to target your terms
reduction in the page size
right to make the most money.
and the new cleaned page are
all displayed in the
result. 4. There is also a
provision to save the
optimized page

Date: Nov, 16 2006

Date: Jan, 05 2006

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Date: Jul, 21 2005
Parallels Desktop for Mac is
Track hits to any link you
today's highly competitive
the first solution that
make. Redirect or mask your
and Best Top Paying Keywords
business environment, it is
gives Apple users the
links (Cloaking) Promote
List Optimize your Google™
essential for companies to
ability to run Windows,
the most professional
AdSense™ To Maximize
maximize marketing
Linux or any other operating
looking links that people
Profits Did you know
effectiveness by staying in
system at the same time as
want to click. Stop
that some keyword bids go as
touch with their customers.
Mac OS X on any
promoting links that scream:
high as $100.00 a click?
With a Toobar Maker branded
Intel-powered iMac, Mac
"You're Making Money On
There are some keywords
pre-made or customized
Mini, MacBook or MacBook
Me!" Increase your
that are so valuable to the
toolbar, you can capitalize
Pro. Now, users can run
sales by over 900%. Create
adwords advertisers that
on an effective e-business
important Windows
a new campaign on the fly.
they are willing to pay
tool. With your sitebar, you
applications like Outlook,
Track by any set of
$50... $60... $70, and some
can increase traffic to your
Project, Internet Explorer
dates.Stop marketing thieves
times $100 per click to get
own site. Offering your
and Visio without having to
by Cloaking your links Hide
traffic to their websites.
toolbar to your users is a
give up the functionality of
your affiliate ID so it's
YOU could be using those
unique and
their Mac desktop, even for
not replaced by the person
keywords and start making
mutually-beneficial service.
a few minutes.
you are offering the product.
1000% more money per click!
It places your site right in
Amazing, isn't it?
front of your users' eyes
every time they go online,
giving you a 'leg up' among
the thousands of sites vying
for their attention. At the
same time, it gives your
users one-click access to
you, to links of special
interest to them AND gives
them truly powerful search
capabilities that peacefully
co-exist with other toolbars
(Google, Yahoo!, etc.). -
Increase Your Brand
Awareness - Increase Your
Repeat Website Traffic -
Increase Your Revenue -
Keep your site constantly in
front of your target market
- Make money from promoting
affiliate programs in your
toolbar - Have your target
market only "one-click
away" from your Website
- Create special offers
for users of your toolbars
- Brand your logo in your
target market's mind -
Repeat Sales & More...
What you Get : - Four menu
items with a sub tree of up
to 5 links each. - Custom
logo integration with
homepage link - Copyright
to your company - Google
Search or Custom Search -
Use your own PPC or third
party PPC search - Block
annoying pop-ups -
Highlight Search Terms -
Two Free change of your
Choice - Eaxtra IE Tools
- Choice of icons & Many
More... ::: The toolbar
makes your web site easily
accessible for its users and
is there every time to offer
customer support, marketing
tools and to drive repeat
sales. Browse our website to
see what a 100% branded
custom toolbar can do your
your business with our
starter toolbar priced at
only $19.95. :::

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Date: May, 10 2005
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