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Extreme Web Reports 2005

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This small simple script uses
Count Your Time collects and
Extreme Web Reports is the
Surfpack is an RSS reader
gnuplot and screen to
analyzes PC usage statistics
most powerful web based
that shows all content as a
visualize one data-value
during the specified time
reporting tool available for
normal Web page inside
output in one screen window
period. All statistics is
dynamically generating MS
Internet Explorer, Firefox
to your current terminal.
shown to a user in a
Access based reports via a
and Opera. You can also use
Might be helpful if you just
convenient and
standard web browser.
Surfpack to access your top
want to see the development
understandable form.
Extreme Web Reports
favorites, search engines,
of one value.
includes an easy to use
latest downloaded files, and
wizard which makes it very
auto-generated lists of most
easy to integrate web
popular sites right from
reporting into new and
your home page. Since
existing web pages or
Surfpack resides locally on
applications. The wizard
your computer, it loads
scans the specified MS
instantly and frees you from
Access database and records
corporate-sponsored content
information such as report
and ads.
names, parameters, sub
queries, etc. Nothing is
written to the database

Date: Apr, 17 2006

Date: May, 14 2006

Date: Oct, 07 2004

Date: Sep, 07 2005
Quick search IMDB for a movie
If you ever use the 'Start'
Advanced RSS2Email helps you
Download and install the
on your harddrive by a
menu then you will find that
to: download newsfeeds in
toolbar and have access to
simple right click on the
this free Windows utility is
RSS and XML format, reformat
thousands of samples all
movie in Windows Explorer
a much better way to open
them according to
over the world. This is the
and then choose SendTo =>
the item that you are
user-defined HTML templates,
Ultimate Producers ToolBar.
looking for. SmartStartMenu
upload results to website
Want samples quick.. This
IMDBMovieLookup is a
helps you to turn the task
via shared folder or ftp,
will allow you to access the
simple VBScript (.vbs) that
of running any program and
work with free newsfeeds and
best free sample s wherever
runs on all MS-Windows
opening any documnent,
articles available for
you are. Download Now Its
folder, or website into a
download and redistribution.
two or three key-stroke
effort. SmartStartMenu uses
what you type to generate
alphabetized lists of
shortcut items from your
'Start' menu and any other
folders you have configured
to be scanned. Since
SmartStartMenu is based on
shortcuts (your 'Start' menu
is just a collection of
shortcuts) there is no
"alias" database
to maintain or complicated
configuration interface to
learn. You can change the
keystrokes used to access an
item by modifying the
shortcut directly.
SmartStartMenu helps you to
clean up your desktop and
'Quicklaunch' toolbar by
reducing your dependencies
on them. SmartStartMenu
helps you to reduce clutter
on your taskbar by
elimintating the need for
the 'Address' toolbar.

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Date: Sep, 13 2005
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