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pdf writer pdfMachine

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Article Submitter Software

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Form Generator

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pdfMachine is a pdf writer
Quixhibit is a Windows
Article Submitter is the
A script that generates the
that produces great quality
application that generates
fastest and easiest way to
basic layout of the form for
PDF files with ease! •
HTML image galleries for
get your articles posted on
later editing and scripting
pdfMachine is easy to
publication on the web or on
hundreds of article
install • Simple to use –
CD's. With an integrated
directories without spending
one click only! •
spell checker, Quixhibit is
hours and hours on the
Compatible across Windows
especially suited for image
manual labor of doing so.
95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP • Only
galleries that require text
Submitting articles to
US$49.00 per license! PDF
for images and folders.
article directories can
enabled software is a vital
Other integrated tools
increase the ‘back links’ to
component for every desktop.
include as an FTP client,
your website and hence
PDF or Portable Document
file name re-sequencing,
increase your Google
Format is a widely used file
setting file names to lower
ranking. It also increase
format originally developed
case, and resetting exhibit
website traffic. FEATURES:
by Adobe. This format is
text to default font
1/ Article Submitter has 138
rapidly becoming the defacto
attributes and comprehensive
Auto Fill article
standard for publishing on
context sensitive
directories for you to start
the web. Our pdf writer
posting your articles to!
pdfMachine converts a print
It also has an additional 25
stream from an application
Manual fill articles
directly into a PDF. Once
directory sites as well; 2/
you have installed the pdf
you will have the ability to
writer, open your document
edit the included Article
that you want to convert,
Directory submissions sites;
then click “print”, select
3/ Article Submitter
the “Broadgun pdfMachine
software stores all of your
printer” and that’s it!
personal information,
resource box, and articles.
It then will proceed one at
a time to go to each of the
articles sites for you, log
you in and auto fill all of
your content including your
name, your article, your
author resource box, even an
article summary on any sites
that ask for it!

Date: Feb, 18 2004

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Date: Oct, 27 2006

Date: Dec, 20 2002
Using simultaneous
No longer do you need to mess
Using Qiksearch's
Advanced Time Reports Web is
connections entire websites
around with several
Intellisearch Bar, you can
an intuitive time tracking
can be downloaded very
different keyword research
search the Web from your
& project management
quickly. Links can be
tools or visit different
desktop. You can also search
solution that will help you
checked and converted to
websites for your keyword
for music and downloads on
increase your billable hours
HTTP or local disk file
research. EVERYTHING you
the net. Intellisearch Bar
by better managing all your
system. Take websites with
need to research keywords
gives you a choice of more
projects, clients and
you on the road on USB / CD
and manage your keyword
than 50 top search engines
working hours. Used by
/ DVD or any portable media.
lists and sub-lists is
to search the Web.
professionals and
Use a task scheduler to
provided within one
project-oriented businesses
automate download of
application - TheDowser
worldwide to perform
websites at times convenient
Keyword Research and
essential functions such as
to you. Filter file types
Management Software.
timesheet reporting and
and directories to download.
project management.
Can perform login and
Multi-user server version
maintain session. Can handle
with advanced functionality,
redirects, robots.txt etc.
web access and reports.
Builtin browser.
Increase your profits!

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