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File Splitter

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Top Paying Keywords

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Articles covering a wide
File Splitter can split any
Meta Tags tell the Search
range of high end computer
type of file into smaller
and Best Top Paying Keywords
Engine what your page is all
hardware and software and
pieces and rejoin them to
List Optimize your Google™
about, they also play a
other consumer electronics.
the original file. It helps
AdSense™ To Maximize
crucial role in the SERP
We also have thousands of
you copy the split ones to
Profits Did you know
Rankings of your
scripts for web developers.
floppy disk or CD/DVD, or
that some keyword bids go as
page. RankQuest Meta Tag
send them via e-mail. File
high as $100.00 a click?
Analyzer examines the Meta
Splitter supports 3 split
There are some keywords
information of the given URL
modes: It can split a file
that are so valuable to the
and lets you know if the
equally by size. Users can
adwords advertisers that
content is Search Engine
specify a custom size such
they are willing to pay
Friendly or not.
as 1.44MB(floppy disk ),
$50... $60... $70, and some
650M (CD size). It can also
times $100 per click to get
split a file equally by
traffic to their websites.
number, and cut any segment
YOU could be using those
of the file as needed.
keywords and start making
1000% more money per click!
Amazing, isn't it?

Date: Nov, 02 2005

Date: Aug, 02 2005

Date: May, 10 2005

Date: Sep, 28 2006
Search Engine Optimization
This tool extracts all the
Hard Disk Manager 6.0 is
New Smart Partition™
(SEO) for a site is very
links from a specific page.
easy, complete and reliable
technology used in Paragon
important. Webmasters are
You can set it to extract
toolset for hard disks: hard
Partition Manager enables to
finding it difficult to
specific links such as
disk management, maintenance
create, copy, resize, move
achieve good ranking in
Javascript and Domains only.
and disposal, boot
hard drive partitions
Search Engines. RankQuest
management, data and system
without data loss. You can
Free SEO Tools Source aims
security, simple recovery. A
format disk, divide it into
to help Webmasters in Search
convenient and clear
parts, install and manage
Engine Optimization. Keyword
interface, smart wizards and
several separate OSes (e.g.
Finder and Meta Tag Analyzer
a bunch of additional
Windows & Linux)
are one of the most
utilities make any task
with help of build-in
important tools for SEO.
regarding hard disk easily
Bootmanager. Improve your
Keyword Finder lists the
approachable even for home
system performance using
keywords in the meta keyword
users. Hard Disk Manager
build-in defragmenter with
tag of a site. Meta Tag
affords everything you may
unique IDD™ technology. Its
Analyzer examines the meta
need for managing hard disks
wizards will help you easily
information of a site and
(both everyday and rare
merge/undelete hard disk
makes you know, if the
content is Search Engine
friendly or not. Many search
engines uses the details in
the meta tag for ranking
purpose, so this tag must be
effectively analysed for
improvement in ranking.

Date: Sep, 15 2006

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Date: Jan, 20 2005
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