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Meta Tag Generator

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Top Paying Keywords

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Parallels Desktop for Mac

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File Splitter

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Free online meta tag
Parallels Desktop for Mac is
File Splitter can split any
generator to your web pages.
and Best Top Paying Keywords
the first solution that
type of file into smaller
List Optimize your Google™
gives Apple users the
pieces and rejoin them to
AdSense™ To Maximize
ability to run Windows,
the original file. It helps
Profits Did you know
Linux or any other operating
you copy the split ones to
that some keyword bids go as
system at the same time as
floppy disk or CD/DVD, or
high as $100.00 a click?
Mac OS X on any
send them via e-mail. File
There are some keywords
Intel-powered iMac, Mac
Splitter supports 3 split
that are so valuable to the
Mini, MacBook or MacBook
modes: It can split a file
adwords advertisers that
Pro. Now, users can run
equally by size. Users can
they are willing to pay
important Windows
specify a custom size such
$50... $60... $70, and some
applications like Outlook,
as 1.44MB(floppy disk ),
times $100 per click to get
Project, Internet Explorer
650M (CD size). It can also
traffic to their websites.
and Visio without having to
split a file equally by
YOU could be using those
give up the functionality of
number, and cut any segment
keywords and start making
their Mac desktop, even for
of the file as needed.
1000% more money per click!
a few minutes.
Amazing, isn't it?

Date: Jun, 03 2005

Date: May, 10 2005

Date: Aug, 14 2006

Date: Aug, 02 2005
Meta Tags tell the Search
This tool extracts all the
an sql file that uses as data
Search Engine Optimization
Engine what your page is all
links from a specific page.
the official names of
(SEO) for a site is very
about, they also play a
You can set it to extract
countries in english as
important. Webmasters are
crucial role in the SERP
specific links such as
given in ISO 3166-1, the ISO
finding it difficult to
Rankings of your
Javascript and Domains only.
2-alpha code provided by the
achieve good ranking in
page. RankQuest Meta Tag
International Organization
Search Engines. RankQuest
Analyzer examines the Meta
for Standardization, the ISO
Free SEO Tools Source aims
information of the given URL
3-alpha code provided by the
to help Webmasters in Search
and lets you know if the
United Nations Statistics
Engine Optimization. Keyword
content is Search Engine
Division and the 3-alpha
Finder and Meta Tag Analyzer
Friendly or not.
code provided by The
are one of the most
National Olympic Committees.
important tools for SEO.
you also have the flags for
Keyword Finder lists the
each country in the flags
keywords in the meta keyword
folder - the pictures of the
tag of a site. Meta Tag
flags are named using the
Analyzer examines the meta
ISO 2-alpha code of the
information of a site and
country they represent so
makes you know, if the
you should have no problems
content is Search Engine
in determining which flag
friendly or not. Many search
goes to which country
engines uses the details in
this list is as of january
the meta tag for ranking
2006 so it might not be the
purpose, so this tag must be
most up to date list you
effectively analysed for
could find. also, keep
improvement in ranking.
in mind that while all the
countries have numeric id
code and ISO 2-alpha code
but not all the countries
have ISO 3-alpha and NOC
3-alpha codes

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Date: Sep, 15 2006
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