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Easy Time Tracking

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Communicate direct to user
Download free unique Windows
Scan the internet for
Easy Time Tracking is an
desktops w/o email. Avoid
animated screen savers. Just
computers with shared files!
ideal solution for the
boring, fragmented, and
double click on the
Browse/download files from
individual contractors who
untargeted RSS. Instead,
downloaded icon(s) and the
remote computers all over
need to know how much time
WinAjax is html you control
screen saver(s) are added to
the world! Can handle any
they spent on certain tasks
with full access to cookies,
your screen saver list
file type: MP3, MPG, AVI,
and how many hours they need
graphics, and other tools
automatically. Choose from
to bill their clients for.
you already know to deliver
our growing selection. Plus
Your company should get a
compelling dynamic
get free webmaster tools and
copy of Easy Time Tracking
content. Some uses: blog
utilities, free website
if it needs to track
update notifies ... message
content, and more.
employees' or contractors'
of the day (motd) ...
time, have detailed
account status alerts ...
statistics on who and how
frequent updates ... news
spends the time on one or
feed ... make offers ...
several projects, know how
etc. Deliver your
profitable were the projects
message uncluttered by
for a certain customer.
ads. Your message is
browserless html: it appears
without borders on user
desktop. Add a transparent
"drop-out" color
to define non-rectangular
icons or windows direct on
desktop. This is
high-impact at user end,
using your server-side web
site programming to supply
the content.

Date: Aug, 22 2006

Date: Mar, 04 2004

Date: Dec, 09 2004

Date: Feb, 19 2006
Online MYSQL database manager
Desktop Sticky Note is a post
Joystick Cheats manager is
With this Win32 console
to create and manage all
it note software that allows
your access point to all
application you can see how
your mysql databases
you to create customizable
your cheats. You can get all
much disk space is wasted on
anywhere on the web.
sticky notes that remain on
the cheats you need for
your drive. The larger the
Extensive knowledge of SQL
your desktop and serve as
free. The cheats that you
cluster size, the more space
is not necessary. You don't
organizers for all your
can choose from is
is wasted. The program can
even have to remember number
tasks and appointments. With
constantly growing, and
also give you a statistics
of fields, types etc as the
Desktop Sticky Notes v2.3
include all systems
about the cluster size,
Console shows them all for
you can: * Organize and plan
available for play. You dont
total size of a drive,
your daily routine* Keep all
need to go anywhere else for
available space on the
your tasks within the reach
your cheats, as they all
drive, number of files,
of one single click *
reside at manager.
number of directories, etc.
Prioritize and organize your
tasks. Desktop Sticky Note
is the ideal tool for
organizing your life and

Date: Feb, 19 2001

Date: Aug, 30 2005

Date: Feb, 19 2005

Date: Aug, 20 2004
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