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History Cleaner

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Count Wasted Space

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Article Submitter

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Web Table Extractor

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History Cleaner is an
With this Win32 console
Article submitter is a
Web Table Extractor is an
innovative solution for your
application you can see how
desktop application which
add-on for Internet Explorer
online privacy issues. This
much disk space is wasted on
makes extremely easy to
(IE) allowing you to extract
program is equipped with
your drive. The larger the
submit your articles to
tables from web pages in an
features such as cleaning
cluster size, the more space
various ezines and blogs for
effective and quick manner.
the secret index.dat file,
is wasted. The program can
free.Article submission is a
Also allows you to easily
typed url, cookies, cache,
also give you a statistics
proven method to drive
select tabular data online
most recently used data
about the cluster size,
traffic to your website.Free
and convert it into files
among other things. It
total size of a drive,
instant download.
for Microsoft Excel. This
increases the speed of your
available space on the
Internet Explorer add-on
PC by removing all
drive, number of files,
makes it possible to find
unnnecessary files and thus
number of directories, etc.
and extract data from tables
makes more hard disk
into a new window, or to
available for use. It also
look through the HTML code
removes all traces of
of the selected table.
applications and internet

Date: Feb, 05 2005

Date: Aug, 20 2004

Date: Dec, 08 2006

Date: Sep, 15 2006
When developing Windows®
ABC Amber Text Merger allows
Online MYSQL database manager
File Recover is an
forms applications based
the user to combine multiple
to create and manage all
easy-to-use file recover and
upon Visual Basic (VB) 6.0
documents into one single
your mysql databases
undelete program, designed
or Visual Basic for
document. Often it is much
anywhere on the web.
to restore accidentally
Applications (VBA) 6.0, you
better to keep all
Extensive knowledge of SQL
deleted files. It supports
may often need to develop
information in one file
is not necessary. You don't
hard disks for FAT12/16/32
context-sensitive help for
(easier to store, easier to
even have to remember number
and NTFS file systems (used
them to enable your users to
search, easier to
of fields, types etc as the
by Win95/98/ME/XP), and will
obtain help on the
work). Features of the
Console shows them all for
recover files on logical and
application's many graphical
program include the ability
physical hard disks. File
user interface (GUI)
to: combine multiple
Recover will recover files,
elements. Context-sensitive
documents into a single
deleted from the Recycle Bin
help is the type of helped
document, support a great
as well as deleted by other
that appears when users
number of file types, save
means, for example by the
select (i.e., change the
and restore the list of
Shift-Delete function. The
focus to) a particular
documents to merge to,
programs also support batch
screen element and then
support advanced PDF export
file recover.
pressing the F1 key, which
options, and much more.
involves the Help common
dialog displaying the help
topic associated with the
selected element.
Context-sensitive help is
used extensively by Windows
forms applications, whether
for applications developed
by Microsoft or other
forms-based application
vendors. This article walks
you through step-by-step on
how to create just such a
help system using the
current HTML Help technology.

Date: May, 19 2005

Date: Aug, 18 2003

Date: Feb, 19 2001

Date: Oct, 22 2004
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