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PAS SiteManager

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MySQL timestamp library

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PHP textfile counter

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PAS SiteManager is a web
This script takes MySQL
Recent educational
This script should be
based interface meant to
timestamps in the format
legislation mandates that
included on all the pages of
manage PAS and PHP/MySQL
MySQL uses (yyyymmddhhmmss)
K-12 schools provide
your site, and the
projects for none technical
and then can format these in
students with the
instructions to return the
users. Features: Setup
a variety of ways. These are
opportunity to maintain
number of users online are
of new MySQL database with
relatively simple functions
online portfolios of their
included in the script (it
autocreation of MySQL
with a very specific
work and achievements
uses a function). The script
users. Installation of
purpose, but use them if you
throughout their educational
can be used with logins and
ready to use popular Open
career. Klahowya seeks to
can then return anonymous
Source Application packages.
provide a secure,
and registered users online,
(phpMyAdmin, phpBB, Blog,
easy-to-use, open source
and can also check if a user
photogalleries, Mailing
solution for students to
is online (instructions in
List, E-commerce, phpWiki,
maintain an online
the script). This was
phpAdsNew, phprojekt, Live
portfolio. Students can
orignally made for my site,
Help...). 100% Visual
maintain an ongoing and
but I hope it applies to
package installer that works
updateable listing of their
like Synaptic and let you
personal profile, resume,
install and upgrade
goal plan, letters of
application in only 1
reference, community
Click. FTP
service, school activities,
recognitions, and more.

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Date: May, 28 2005

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Date: May, 11 2005
We are webmaster's. Like all
PHP-Blogger is a free
Makes many planets with many
PHP Tarot Lite(tm) is our
webmaster's you buy domains.
photoblog script. Designed
moons and a ring if chosen.
"stand alone" PHP
Lot's and lot's of domains.
for posting slideshows.
Now has some planetmaps and
Tarot script. It has many of
Sometimes you get a little
Simple to install and
moonmaps and milkyway
the same features found in
carried away on this and
configure Slideshow upload
background if chosen. Looks
our flagship product
wind up with domains that
wizard Edit and delete
realistic! Outputs wrl or
pnTarot(tm). Like
can sit for awhile dormant.
posts Thumbnail,
source files. Now with
pnTarot, PHP Tarot Lite
We sure do! This Gallery
splitscreen and fullscreen
random background also!
faithfully and meticulously
Rotation script gives you
viewing Subscription email
performs the Ancient Celtic
the ability to quickly put a
service Template-based
Method to answer a user's
linkable site up that can
design Much more...
question. The user begins by
start making you money while
selecting the
you continue along your
work before the domain
which is the card that best
purchasing addiction hit you
represents the user, another
again. This script was
person, or the matter about
designed to be installed and
which the user
running quickly. Edit a
inquires. Simple step by
template, create three text
step instructions guide the
files, set permissions and
user through the reading!
it is ready to go! You can
All cards are fully
control multiple domains
explained, as well as the
from one installation of
meanings of the positions
the gallery rotation script.
where the cards are
placed! PHP Tarot Lite
displays reversed cards and
all card definitions include
the meanings of a card drawn
"upright" or

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Date: Apr, 16 2005
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