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PHP Tarot Lite(tm)


PHP Tarot Lite(tm)

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PHP Tarot Lite(tm) is our "stand alone" PHP Tarot script. It has many of the same features found in our flagship product pnTarot(tm). Like pnTarot, PHP Tarot Lite faithfully and meticulously performs the Ancient Celtic Method to answer a user's question. The user begins by selecting the "Significator," which is the card that best represents the user, another person, or the matter about which the user inquires. Simple step by step instructions guide the user through the reading! All cards are fully explained, as well as the meanings of the positions where the cards are placed! PHP Tarot Lite displays reversed cards and all card definitions include the meanings of a card drawn "upright" or "reversed!" Additionally, PHP Tarot Lite knows which way the character in the card the user chooses as the Significator is facing, and adjusts the spread accordingly (the card in the position for "What is before you?" is switched to the position for "What is behind you?" if the Significator faces it). Moreover, PHP Tarot Lite flags and explains the meanings of "Recurrences" (pairs, three of a kind, and four of a kind) in the spread. Webmasters can easily change the cards and definitions, or make up their own! On the other hand, unlike pnTarot, PHP Tarot Lite doesn't use the PostNuke CMS, doesn't save or email readings, and doesn't have built-in security or print page features. After registration, an additional menu will appear so you can launch PHP Tarot Lite and compare it to pnTarot. Registration is free! So come and get a free Tarot reading today!
Platform(s): Linux, FreeBSD
Date: Apr, 16 2005
Author: Elliot Zimmerman, http://outerdomain.com


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