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Rating System

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Simple PHP Emailer

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Tagboard/Guestbook Script

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PHP Commenter

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The best flat rating system
This is a simple emailer
A nice and simple
A commenter script I made a
that use images for our
script I wrote in my spare
tagboard/guestbook script
while ago. Simple to use and
friends who don't have SQL
time. It only needs one file
for your site. Compatible
easy to configure to match
at their host. You can also
and can be put almost
with almost all OSs.
your site. No database
download the SQL version of
Currently written in
required, uses only a php
this Rating System v2. Its'
English. Language: PHP
script and flat file (.txt).
Can be easily changed just
leave the copyright plz.

Date: Dec, 22 2003

Date: Dec, 18 2003

Date: Dec, 18 2003

Date: Dec, 18 2003
An emailer script with error
The software allows the user
This programs allows you to
handling, filters for html
to generate a given number
run several Unix command via
tags and 's. Easy to set up
of Bingo cards which can
browser. This is required
just upload onto server and
then be printed or viewed at
when you do not have telnet
wala! Currently under GPL
any time. In game mode, the
acccess on the server. This
license. Requires SMTP or
software generates random
is suitable for non
Bingo numbers and displays a
interactive commands.
list of winners and numbers
drawn. Version 1.5 update:
great new look, ability to
change the maximum Bingo
number (usually 75), bug fix
in manual draw mode

Date: Dec, 18 2003

Date: Dec, 11 2003

Date: Dec, 09 2003

Date: Dec, 06 2003
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