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XML Output from a PHP/MySQL Query

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An HTML Encryption Tool

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MyCMS is a modular dynamic
I use this when I tie my PHP
A step by step tutorial which
This product will take your
content management system.
programs to a Flash
uses flash screen grabs,
already existing HTML pages
By modular, this means that
frontend. You feed it an
showing users how to develop
and encrypt them so no one
the system does not depend
SQL query string and it
(basic) dynamic web pages
will be able to read your
on any certain module. You
outputs XML that the Flash
using Dreamweaver MX. Other
code to find your links or
can add and remove modules
XML object can read in.
software required : Easy PHP
images. Web pages will be
without worry of breaking
+ MySQL Front. Both free
protected from a copy and
anything. You can weight
paste as these encrypted
blocks, align blocks, easily
pages actively block users
edit templates, create new
selecting text or images
templates, all on your own.
from your pages. The
The system requires the
window.status is covered so
PEAR::DB package, and uses
your URLs can not be
MySQL for all database
detected. The right mouse
button is deactivated. Run
this code in a frame and
completely keep users out of
your code.

Date: Jan, 29 2004

Date: Jan, 14 2004

Date: Jan, 14 2004

Date: Jan, 14 2004
This calendar will always
My Stats 1.0 is a free php /
Cpanel hosting and tech
Complete portal written in
show the next consecutive
mysql stats program. It
support companies make your
spanish. It has a lot of
months in a page layout you
collects user infromation,
life so much easier. Get to
things like mail listing,
can easily alter. Our
and displays all the data in
an account's cpanel quickly
downloads, members, and more.
running example shows the
a nice graphical
and easily no matter what
next 12 months. Admin
page. There is an auto
server it's on. WHMadmin
access allows you to change
install script, which will
is a web-based program with
all the cosmetics via the
do all the configuration for
powerful administrative
web: both the calendar as
you. Easy to install, quick,
search tools and features
well as the DHTML popup box
and pretty.
for your cPanel servers. You
that shows your special
can easily collect and/or
day's message - which can be
search for details on
any valid HTML coded message
various catagories such as
- or just plain text. Once
an account's server, account
you enter the dates, the
calendar program will
passwords, whois info, ip
determine when your event
addresses, etc. WHMadmin
should be shown based upon
also allows you to check for
'today's' date. Easy
duplicate domain
install in 5 minutes.
names, count the number of
accounts on all servers, and
even lets you add notes
about each domain. This is
just to name a few features,
more details inside.

Date: Jan, 14 2004

Date: Jan, 13 2004

Date: Jan, 12 2004

Date: Jan, 05 2004
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