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KMP Import CSV to MySQL Table

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FastWork, an installer of
TCPDB is a Web application to
Dont you just hate going into
Lots of hosting companies
Apache 2.x.xx, MySql 4.x.xx
keep track of your IP
your phpMYadmin, and editing
disable the 'USED' command
and PHP 4.x.xx for Windows
addresses and hosts. TCPDB
the querys from there?
in mysql, often used to LOAD
specially made for PHP
is suited for both small and
AutoSQL allows you to edit
DATA INFILE in a CSV format.
developers. If you plan to
large networks with many
MySQL remotely, by simply
This script is the attempt
learn PHP or MySQL why
locations and subnets.
placing your query in a text
to work around that. It
FastWork should install for
box, and then performing the
automatically analyzes the
you other great tools like
query. You only have to edit
structure of a MySql
phpMyAdmin or phpBB?
one file, four lines. You
Database, compares it to the
will be glad you did! MySQL
structure of the data in the
editing was never this
CSV file, and imports the
easy! Update: Alot more
data. Further testing is
features - perform queries
pending. Check the homepage
on any Database. List the
for updates.
tables in any given
database, then list each row
with the appropriate
information according to the
fields and columns.

Date: Dec, 20 2004

Date: Dec, 14 2004

Date: Dec, 13 2004

Date: Nov, 08 2004
Database driven free website
This is a basic but secure
The Dynamic Calendar combines
SAVE TIME! This is a complete
program. Create a
file upload program that
many features of your
system to sell your web
professional website through
allows you to restrict file
favorite event scheduling
templates. Dynamically
an online administration
extensions and file sizes to
software with the easy
creates pages of thumbnails
interface. Change the looks
a maximum extent , this php
interface of popular
and the large size previews.
of your site as often as you
script comes with a ReadMe
handheld operating system
Integrated paypal
want. Switch templates
file that will guide you
into one complete, online
processing. Unlimited
(160+), buttons, menu's,
through setting this up and
calendar system. This
Catagories and unlimited
flash effects etc. No
trust me , its pretty easy
database-driven calendar is
templates. Allow users to
uploading required. All
to setup. More features will
easy to set up with your web
rate templates based on 1-5
selections and changes
be added in the near future !
site, and since it's
stars! Never have to program
become effective immediately
web-based, you can manage
again! Comes with an
after saving them in the
the events from any computer
installer script and free
admin interface.
with a connection to the
support! Secure and Fast!
Internet - not just one
machine, in your office!

Date: Oct, 04 2004

Date: Sep, 21 2004

Date: Sep, 18 2004

Date: Sep, 16 2004
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