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Random Image Finder / Displayer

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Easy php formmail

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PhpProxy is a web-based
This code reads the names of
This script searches the
A handy script that mails
HTTP proxy software written
all folders in a directory
current directory for a
formdata to an emailaddress,
in PHP, which allows users
and generates a menu of
folder named
with optional autoresponse
to browse the net without
links to those directories.
"img". If found,
mail. No knowledge of PHP
restrictions and
If there are no directories,
it grabs a random image in
required. You can use hidden
anonymously,without having
it checks the next folder
the img folder and displays
fields to configure the
to modify their browser's
down and uses those instead.
it on your page. If not
SOCKS proxy options.Its aims
It also generates a
found, it goes down a
are to be easy to use and
breadcrumb trail and page
directory level and searches
lightweight. PhpProxy
titles based on the url of
for the img folder again
supports the automatic
the page. For more advanced
until it finds one.
modification of href, src,
instructions, click the link
and action attributes of
provided to my site.
HTML tags to route all those
requests back through the
script as well as URL and
page scrambling features.it
also support GET,POST data
to server,pass cookies to
host! it support download
zip,tar.gz and so
supports http and https
which require install
OpenSSl moudule at server.

Date: Apr, 16 2005

Date: Apr, 16 2005

Date: Apr, 16 2005

Date: Apr, 16 2005
Super fast CMS and RSS
RepleteSurveys gives you the
This script will allow you
Publish your printed product
syndication system.
ability to create surveys
display all the files in a
online in minutes. PDF based
Complete turn key website
with many questions, record
specified directory and has
system uses PHP and mysql
that allows you to RSS
survey responses
an upload form at the bottom
database. Upload your PDF
syndicate an infinite amount
automatically in a MySQL
of the page that allows the
files and the typeWares
of topics from the same
database, and view the
user to upload a file to
system will automatically
website. The site has a
results Graphically.
that same directory or any
generate thumbnails, catalog
built in partnering system
Features include: *
other specified directory.
by date and edition and make
so that we can turn your
Secure Admin login *
You can also specify what
every word of every page
extreme traffic into cash
Surveys can be
file types are allowed, or
searchable by keyword or
for you. Firebase
self-contained webpages,
what extensions are valid.
date, all in a matter of
software is not free. We
orů * Easily include your
minutes. The typeWares
only get paid if your making
surveys in existing webpages
system also comes with user
money though. This is a
by cut&paste of the
authentication and payment
complete turn key website
survey HTML. * Graphical
options for subscription
display of survey responses
/ results in a
self-contained webpage. *
Email you survey to a list
of email addresses. *
Create and maintain many
surveys at once. *
Rearrange, Add, Update, and
Delete survey questions. *
Preview * Survey code
generator in HTML ** New GUI

Date: Feb, 15 2005

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Date: Jan, 12 2005
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