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PHP Trackback

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eMail Checker

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Fake Web Traffic Hits

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A simple, portable PHP class
This PHP-Skript checks your
This is a great php guestbook
Proxyhits.com sends fake
with full TrackBack
entered eMails. The
that supports many admin
traffic or visitors to your
capabilites. Ping trackback
functions are: - ...its
functions including
website using a list of
URIs, receive trackbacks
looking for the correct
deleting, banning IP's,
available proxy ports. Each
from other clients and seed
syntax. - Mail-Server
promoting people to admins,
hit is registered on your
pages for auto-discovery.
validation - ...if the
a counter, a counter of how
server as a "true"
The class also extract links
email exists under the
many people since your last
unique visitor to your
from a given string and
visit, different kinds of
website. In addition our
search these links for
posts (all bold,
software uses patented
trackback URIs.
rules/important (go at top),
referring technology to make
and of course regular, only
it appear as if the visitors
regular is avaible to the
are coming from various
commen user), user freindly
places including Google or
BB code, how many people
any unique URL you specify.
viewing guestbook, and of
We are the original
course smilies. This runs
developers of this
strictly on php and requires
no mySQL or any other

Date: Jun, 04 2004

Date: Jun, 04 2004

Date: Jun, 01 2004

Date: Jun, 01 2004
a simple graphical
DreamGal is a small script
This package is meant to
A basic PHP and MySQL
onClick-counter. leading
that represents an image
provide backup and restore
guestbook. First version ie
zero's, imagesize and
gallery. It's made for
services of MySQL
the simplest version.
number of digits
personal use. Once you
databases. It provides a
Second version coming out
setup the script (with the
friendly tab based user
soon with admin capabilities.
db) all you have to do is
interface that lets the
upload your pictures in the
users create backups of
/gallery/ folder (with *one*
given MySQL databases to
subfolder for each category)
files, listing previously
and enter the administration
generated backups, restore a
area to establish your
given backup and deleting
categories. The script comes
backup files. Currently
with administration area,
this package requires PHP
automatic thumbnailer, on
with the bzip or zlib
click picture enlarger,
extension enabled to
displaying n pictures /
generate compressed backup
page. Read info in README.txt
files. It also uses the
gonxtabs class to create an
user-friendly navigation
menu. Localisation
support is enabled to let
you configure your
application with your
default langage and change
it, or to add a new
translation. 1.0.6 : You
can choose between create
backup of hole DB or select
specefic tables to
backup. 1.0.7-PRE2 : All
PHP notice error messages
have been removed. Brazilian
Portuguese,Dutch, Chinese
and Tagalog translations
have been added.

Date: Jun, 01 2004

Date: Jun, 01 2004

Date: May, 31 2004

Date: May, 31 2004
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