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PHP Class Generator

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phpBB modified by Przemo

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The PHP Class Generator is a
phpBB modification based on
SForo is a simple forum, but
A demo of a In-link portal
small windows desktop
phpBB 2.0.X script, it
that contains the essential
engine user. See listing
application that allows a
contains about 200 add-ons,
of a forum. That was the
for in-link for deatails.
PHP programmer to generate
with ability to switch off
goal of SForo, to be a
Entity classes from a MySQL
any of them in admin's
simple and basic forum, but
database table. For
panel. Demo forum with admin
as the things change in
instance, if the user has a
privileges you can find at
version 2 we will
table in his or her MySQL
the homepage
praise/pour off to make a
database called customers.
forum professional. It
With this app, that
contains: System of
programmer can generate an
themes. System of
Entity class called customer
users. Private
that will hold all of the
messages. And the basic
proper getters and setters
thing of a forum. Among
as well as constructor,
other things. NEW INTO
destructor and loadById
SFP 1.2: A new powerful
methods. The app also
theme. A modified
provides a DatabaseManager
bbcode. Better admin. And
class, which will connect to
fixed some bugs.
the MySQL database using the
provided connection
parameters given by the
user. This class can be
modified to fit the users
needs. The application
allows for quick, easy and
consistent class design for
better web application
implementation. PHP Class
Generator was written using
MS Visual Studio 2003 and
the 1.1 .NET frameworks. It
was written in VB.NET and
uses a 3rd party component
from Core to connect to the
MySQL database. It also will
make a copy of adodb to the
class path provided at
runtime. An MSI (Microsoft
Installer) has been made for
easy installation on windows
machines (Linux version of
the PHP Class Generator is
not available). It requires
the user to have MySQL and
1.1 .NET frameworks
installed on a Windows XP,
Windows 2000 Pro/Server or

Date: Aug, 20 2004

Date: Aug, 12 2004

Date: Aug, 09 2004

Date: Aug, 08 2004
TerminPlanner is web-based
This is an updated version of
Completely Free, Fast,
This is a PHP class that you
reservation and scheduling
my previous free one. This
Responsive, Quick loading
can use to convert between
system, allowing users to
one does error checking,
and Reliable
utf-8, windows, iso, dos,
register and then place
uses sessions so that you
Service Invisible Tracking
ibm, mac charsets. It's very
reservations on any kind of
store the info and not call
- no ads on your
useful with databases, text
resources, such as
weather.com on every page
website Accurate real-time
procesing, especially when
conference rooms, machines,
load, leaves weather.com as
website statistics with
you have many people on
computers, etc. The
soon as it has its info
detailed visitor tracking
different computers and
administrative side allows
instead of looping on
and analysis Detailed
different operating systems
complete control over user
through the rest of the
breakdown of pageloads,
working on the same web site.
permissions, resource data,
page. Essentially, this
unique, first-time and
reservation data, and is
version is highly stable,
returning visitors Search
completely configurable
super fast, thoroughly
Engine/Keyword Analysis -
commented, no install - just
what keywords are people
include it from somewhere
using to find your
and your done or just make
site? Drill Down -
it the whole page.
Incredibly Powerful Tool.
What navigation paths,
referring links and keywords
are leading to
conversions? Do you have
multiple websites? Manage
them all from one account

Date: Aug, 08 2004

Date: Aug, 05 2004

Date: Aug, 01 2004

Date: Jul, 29 2004
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