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GC Mail

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Schedule Control

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PHP Links Page

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I made this system for use
Can be used to send
The RN Schedule control is a
This program was designed to
with my two teenaged kids.
[anonymous] e-mail messages.
simple system that provides
display a list of links
We have them use this simple
It provides easy message
a quick and easy way to
sorted into groups. I made
form to fill in a daily
header and body
manage your schedule. It
it to use as my homepage so
configuration, including
offers alerts of upcoming
that all my links are at my
X-Originating-IP and
schedule events, a summary
fingertips. I made this
Content-Type settings.
of your day, and a simple To
program skinable using CSS.
Do List.
This is a standalone
turn-key program that
requires no setup. Simply
unzip and go. If you do not
want to use this as an
index.php you can rename it
to any filename you want.
The program will detect its
name and adjust accordingly.

Date: Jul, 27 2004

Date: Jul, 23 2004

Date: Jul, 23 2004

Date: Jul, 17 2004
You have probably seen a
Installation included. A
GuestPro is a guestbook
Takes a measurement of data
guestmap before, you click
full-featured real estate
script with powerful
and converts it to bits,
on a map and you can place a
web site suitable for
administration features.
bytes, kilobytes, megabytes,
dot with a message attached
agents, brokers and offices.
Uses sessions to control
gigabytes and terabytes.
to it. This kinda works the
A MySQL database backend,
login. Free to all.
same. In the default version
plus secure, web-based
you can add place a smiley
administrative access gives
on the map, however you can
you and your webmaster total
modify it as much of you
control over content, style,
data and preferences.
Includes lead-generation
features and is completely
customizable. Try the free
demo. Add your own listings
and agent data.

Date: Jul, 16 2004

Date: Jul, 16 2004

Date: Jul, 16 2004

Date: Jul, 16 2004
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