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Provides you with an
Can be used to send
Allows you to ping an IP
Allows you to trace an IP
effortless way of listing
[anonymous] e-mail messages.
address, using the ping
address, using the
the contents of any
It provides easy message
command on your Web host. It
traceroute command on your
directory on your Web host,
header and body
provides a configurable ping
Web host.
as long as you have the
configuration, including
appropriate permissions to
X-Originating-IP and
do so. Alongside each file
Content-Type settings.
name, it will display the
size of the file in bytes
and the date of when it was
last modified.

Date: Jul, 16 2004

Date: Jul, 23 2004

Date: Jul, 16 2004

Date: Jul, 16 2004
Provides you with a quick and
This is an updated version of
a) This free guest book
This is a great php guestbook
easy way of uploading a file
my previous free one. This
script can be added in to
that supports many admin
from your computer to any
one does error checking,
any html website with
functions including
directory on your Web host,
uses sessions so that you
php. b) Configurable look
deleting, banning IP's,
as long as you have the
store the info and not call
and feel. c) Option to look
promoting people to admins,
appropriate permissions to
weather.com on every page
the entries in ascending and
a counter, a counter of how
do so.
load, leaves weather.com as
descending order. d) You can
many people since your last
soon as it has its info
view users comments one by
visit, different kinds of
instead of looping on
one, with previous and next
posts (all bold,
through the rest of the
option. e) File based
rules/important (go at top),
page. Essentially, this
utility. No configurations
and of course regular, only
version is highly stable,
required. f) Sorting option
regular is avaible to the
super fast, thoroughly
to sort messages in
commen user), user freindly
commented, no install - just
ascending and descending
BB code, how many people
include it from somewhere
order. g) Displays total
viewing guestbook, and of
and your done or just make
number of pages.
course smilies. This runs
it the whole page.
strictly on php and requires
no mySQL or any other

Date: Jul, 16 2004

Date: Aug, 05 2004

Date: Jul, 02 2005

Date: Jun, 01 2004
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