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This is a set of scripts used
Website ranker finds the
MaxFAQ is a PHP & MySQL
Here is an easy php password
for logging in members,
ranking of any given site in
powered FAQ system, that can
without mysql very easy to
customers, or other logins.
top 10 search engines. It
be controlled with a built
install and manage add as
Very simple, very easy
lists whether they are
in admin-center. The system
many password and username
script. Try it out.
listed in each of the
was created for use by
as you wish...
selected search engines
Maximum-Tech, but now it is
along with their rankings
availiable to the public.
(if listed). This can also
Though only tested in RH 8
email you the details found.
and 9 it should work in any
PHP and Mysql compaitable
OS. Development of this
project has receded. If you
are interested in taking
over development contact the
current developer.

Date: Mar, 31 2004

Date: Mar, 03 2004

Date: Feb, 01 2006

Date: May, 29 2004
This is a member system with
Message 366 is very simple
My Stats 1.0 is a free php /
MyCMS is a modular dynamic
an admin section wich makes
script that shows a
mysql stats program. It
content management system.
it very easy to use. if you
completely different message
collects user infromation,
By modular, this means that
encounter problems with the
on your website for everyday
and displays all the data in
the system does not depend
script visit www.flashfx.nl
of the year.
a nice graphical
on any certain module. You
and we will solve your
page. There is an auto
can add and remove modules
install script, which will
without worry of breaking
do all the configuration for
anything. You can weight
you. Easy to install, quick,
blocks, align blocks, easily
and pretty.
edit templates, create new
templates, all on your own.
The system requires the
PEAR::DB package, and uses
MySQL for all database

Date: Nov, 12 2003

Date: Dec, 29 2003

Date: Jan, 13 2004

Date: Jan, 29 2004
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