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An HTML Encryption Tool

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AP Dir

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Aliens:2098 is an online text
Ampache is a Web-based Audio
This product will take your
This script will allow you
based rpg, made in php using
file manager. It is
already existing HTML pages
display all the files in a
mysql to record its data. It
implemented with MySQL, and
and encrypt them so no one
specified directory and has
is an uncompleted project
PHP. It allows you to view,
will be able to read your
an upload form at the bottom
but has working, battle,
edit, and play your audio
code to find your links or
of the page that allows the
forums, mail, chat,
files via the web. It has
images. Web pages will be
user to upload a file to
weaponry, account options,
support for playlists,
protected from a copy and
that same directory or any
staff otpions there are
artist and album views,
paste as these encrypted
other specified directory.
clans but clans also are
album art, random play,
pages actively block users
You can also specify what
rather unfinished. Reason
playback via Http/On the Fly
selecting text or images
file types are allowed, or
for unfinished is due to no
Transcoding and
from your pages. The
what extensions are valid.
more time availible.
Downsampling, Vote based
window.status is covered so
playback, Mpd and Icecast,
your URLs can not be
Integrated Flash Player, as
detected. The right mouse
well as per user themes and
button is deactivated. Run
song play tracking. You can
this code in a frame and
also Link multiple Ampache
completely keep users out of
servers togeather using
your code.
XML-RPC. Ampache supports
GETTEXT translations and has
a full translation of many

Date: Dec, 14 2005

Date: Nov, 13 2006

Date: Jan, 14 2004

Date: Jan, 22 2005
The Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy
Dont you just hate going into
Autotutorials is a complete
The software allows the user
(ASSP) Server project is an
your phpMYadmin, and editing
tutorials management system.
to generate a given number
open source
the querys from there?
This product will automate
of Bingo cards which can
platform-independent SMTP
AutoSQL allows you to edit
all of your tutorial needs.
then be printed or viewed at
Proxy server which
MySQL remotely, by simply
With this software you will
any time. In game mode, the
implements whitelists and
placing your query in a text
never have to learn html or
software generates random
Bayesian filtering to rid
box, and then performing the
even log in to your ftp
Bingo numbers and displays a
the planet of the blight of
query. You only have to edit
account. It is extrememly
list of winners and numbers
unsolicited email (UCE). UCE
one file, four lines. You
customizeable to suit your
drawn. Version 1.5 update:
must be stopped at the SMTP
will be glad you did! MySQL
needs, with a complete
great new look, ability to
server. Anti-spam tools must
editing was never this
templates system!
change the maximum Bingo
be adaptive to new spam and
easy! Update: Alot more
number (usually 75), bug fix
customized for each site's
features - perform queries
in manual draw mode
mail patterns. This free,
on any Database. List the
easy-to-use tool works with
tables in any given
any mail transport and
database, then list each row
achieves these goals
with the appropriate
requiring no operator
information according to the
intervention after the
fields and columns.
initial setup phase.

Date: Oct, 05 2006

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Date: Jun, 21 2004

Date: Dec, 11 2003
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