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Schedule Control

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S.A.F.E is php based snort
SafeSQL is an SQL query
The RN Schedule control is a
here is a wonderful shoutbox
front end. It will display
processer to automate the
simple system that provides
(i call it a screambox) for
your snort events from your
tedious tasks of syntax
a quick and easy way to
use on your websites. it has
mysql database and display
testing, injection
manage your schedule. It
a beautiful interface than
them for you. Easy to setup
attack-proofing, dropping
offers alerts of upcoming
will easily integrate with
and navigate. Graphical and
parts of queries and other
schedule events, a summary
your websites. besides,
exporting to html or csv
misc features.
of your day, and a simple To
there are stylesheets
reports are also included.
Do List.
included so u can use it to
customize the look and feel
of the shoutbox. the
shoutbox has easy admin
control features, flood
control, and requires no
database. i have also
included a box interface to
use for free along with this
shoutbox. the shoutbox is
completely free. Feel free
to download this shoutbox
from my site.

Date: Apr, 30 2004

Date: Aug, 20 2004

Date: Jul, 23 2004

Date: Jun, 24 2004
SForo is a simple forum, but
This Working Email form is
If you want to know lammer's
Would you like to post news
that contains the essential
very handy it includes, a
or someone elses ip, you can
without any editors and
of a forum. That was the
working WYSIWYG editor and
use this simple
e.t.c then simple News
goal of SForo, to be a
working smilies. its Very
script. Very easy to
Administration script for
simple and basic forum, but
easy to modify and install.
install and modify.
you. You can: - Add news -
as the things change in
all i ask for you using it
Remove - View Logs -
version 2 we will
is a link back to my site.
Archive news and logs -
praise/pour off to make a
thank you
Have 3 levels of admins.
forum professional. It
Each level has own
contains: System of
priveleges - Change
themes. System of
passwords You just need a
users. Private
server that supports PHP
messages. And the basic
4.3.1 Read README.txt
thing of a forum. Among
after unzipping.
other things. NEW INTO
SFP 1.2: A new powerful
theme. A modified
bbcode. Better admin. And
fixed some bugs.

Date: Aug, 09 2004

Date: Nov, 02 2003

Date: Mar, 29 2004

Date: Mar, 29 2004
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