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JSDN Joltsoft Developer Network

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KillBot Professional

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A simple flat-file news
JSDN is a clone of the
The NotOneBit KillBot
Recent educational
posting system that has the
Microsoft Developer Network
Professional application is
legislation mandates that
following features: -
revamped using PHP,MySql and
intended to eliminate
K-12 schools provide
Secure Login (admin
javascript. Features Inline
various types of web based
students with the
panel) - Smilies - Custom
C++ code highlighting for
robots from repeatedly
opportunity to maintain
Template System -
articles dynamic Javascript
filling out forms by
online portfolios of their
Archiving - News editing -
tree menu , administration
requiring the user to enter
work and achievements
and more useful features!
control panel, and misc.
some simple data (called a
throughout their educational
user functions. I am
Turing or Captcha test).
career. Klahowya seeks to
currently in need of beta
Many times you may have a
provide a secure,
testers/feedback personnel
form (feedback, poll,
easy-to-use, open source
and will supply free
guestbook, etc.) on your web
solution for students to
versions accordingly..
site and a malicious user
maintain an online
targets a script to
portfolio. Students can
automatically fill out your
maintain an ongoing and
form until it either
updateable listing of their
cripples your server, skews
personal profile, resume,
statistics, or floods your
goal plan, letters of
inbox. By requiring the
reference, community
visitor to read the text in
service, school activities,
an image (over 900,000,000
recognitions, and more.
possible text combinations
alone) and enter that with
the other data in your form,
you can prevent automated
scripts from repeatedly
filling out your form.
KillBot Professional builds
upon the strengths of the
NotOneBit KillBot script to
create a truly dynamic form
of authentication.

Date: May, 03 2004

Date: Nov, 16 2003

Date: Feb, 01 2006

Date: May, 12 2005
Lots of hosting companies
Know Base is a Web-based
A linkexchange program very
It is an All-in-one Live
disable the 'USED' command
Enterprise Knowledge
good for exchanging partner
Customer Service System that
in mysql, often used to LOAD
Management System. Know Base
links Features: - In
provide online help,
DATA INFILE in a CSV format.
will run on most Unix /
Hits counting - Out Hits
support, customer service
This script is the attempt
Linux environments and
counting - Cheat protection
and sales. This system can
to work around that. It
requires PHP and MySql.
(Ip adress) - Edit sytem
provide your business with
automatically analyzes the
Easily share files and
for User - Admin system
24 / 7 / 365 online customer
structure of a MySql
projects across your
service and sales.
Database, compares it to the
Enterprise. Unique
structure of the data in the
notification system alerts
CSV file, and imports the
users when projects are
data. Further testing is
modified, or when new
pending. Check the homepage
projects are added that
for updates.
match their search terms.

Date: Nov, 08 2004

Date: Mar, 12 2004

Date: Aug, 31 2004

Date: Feb, 21 2004
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