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eMail Checker

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Random Image Finder / Displayer

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MySQL Cache

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My Stats

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This PHP-Skript checks your
This script searches the
Feature List: *Easy
My Stats 1.0 is a free php /
entered eMails. The
current directory for a
Installation *Caches query
mysql stats program. It
functions are: - ...its
folder named
results for specified amount
collects user infromation,
looking for the correct
"img". If found,
of time *Caches specified
and displays all the data in
syntax. - Mail-Server
it grabs a random image in
table for specified amount
a nice graphical
validation - ...if the
the img folder and displays
of time *Updates cached
page. There is an auto
email exists under the
it on your page. If not
files when table has been
install script, which will
found, it goes down a
modified via MySQL Cache or
do all the configuration for
directory level and searches
if the amount of time
you. Easy to install, quick,
for the img folder again
specified has been
and pretty.
until it finds one.
exceeded *Keeps track of
how many users have visited
in a specified amount of
time *Requires no
modification of existing
MySQL queries *Modified
versions of most common
MySQL functions to work with
MySQL Cache *Programmed in

Date: Jun, 04 2004

Date: Apr, 16 2005

Date: Aug, 30 2004

Date: Jan, 13 2004
It consist of two parts: a
this is an extremely handy
PHP Directory Indexer is a
The ideia is to pub a lot of
diagnostic part (you can use
script lets your visitors
PHP script, meant to replace
sentences in a txt files,
ping, traceroute, nslookup)
load files to your own web
apache's default directory
and the script randomly
and a monitoring part (e. g.
folder directly. this
lister module. It supports
picks a sentence at the time
monitoring the traffic on
simple script uses
various things, like,
and show it in your site.
eth0 interface).
stylesheet to suitably
themes, an icon for each
integrate with your website
file type, aliases, let user
looks. files of any type are
choose how to order and wich
supported and you can
theme to use.
specify the maximum size of
files that can be uploaded
by users. the script
displays a succes or failure
message once the user has
clicked on the submit
button. the file uploader is
free and a demo can be seen
on the author's site.
download it now and use it
on your site.

Date: Jun, 14 2004

Date: Jul, 05 2004

Date: Mar, 05 2004

Date: Oct, 27 2003
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