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eMail Checker

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MySQL Cache

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Advanced Real Estate System

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This PHP-Skript checks your
Feature List: *Easy
This is the most complete
here is a wonderful shoutbox
entered eMails. The
Installation *Caches query
real estate system you could
(i call it a screambox) for
functions are: - ...its
results for specified amount
find. The admin can post
use on your websites. it has
looking for the correct
of time *Caches specified
houses with price and
a beautiful interface than
syntax. - Mail-Server
table for specified amount
multiple images. In the
will easily integrate with
validation - ...if the
of time *Updates cached
admin area you can also
your websites. besides,
email exists under the
files when table has been
update the different text
there are stylesheets
modified via MySQL Cache or
only pages, just type in the
included so u can use it to
if the amount of time
text you wanted to get
customize the look and feel
specified has been
displayed and update. 3
of the shoutbox. the
exceeded *Keeps track of
different templates are
shoutbox has easy admin
how many users have visited
available and user can
control features, flood
in a specified amount of
switch between 2 languages.
control, and requires no
time *Requires no
And even more....
database. i have also
modification of existing
included a box interface to
MySQL queries *Modified
use for free along with this
versions of most common
shoutbox. the shoutbox is
MySQL functions to work with
completely free. Feel free
MySQL Cache *Programmed in
to download this shoutbox
from my site.

Date: Jun, 04 2004

Date: Aug, 30 2004

Date: Jun, 20 2004

Date: Jun, 24 2004
This program was desigend for
A basic PHP and MySQL
PHP Directory Indexer is a
The ideia is to pub a lot of
webmasters, to privde access
guestbook. First version ie
PHP script, meant to replace
sentences in a txt files,
to thousands of dollars in
the simplest version.
apache's default directory
and the script randomly
scripts, website templates,
Second version coming out
lister module. It supports
picks a sentence at the time
hosting service and even
soon with admin capabilities.
various things, like,
and show it in your site.
includes a great affiliate
themes, an icon for each
income program all for one
file type, aliases, let user
choose how to order and wich
theme to use.

Date: Mar, 22 2004

Date: May, 31 2004

Date: Mar, 05 2004

Date: Oct, 27 2003
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