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::File Uploader:: Beta

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This script will allow you
Recent educational
MyCMS is a modular dynamic
This is a basic but secure
display all the files in a
legislation mandates that
content management system.
file upload program that
specified directory and has
K-12 schools provide
By modular, this means that
allows you to restrict file
an upload form at the bottom
students with the
the system does not depend
extensions and file sizes to
of the page that allows the
opportunity to maintain
on any certain module. You
a maximum extent , this php
user to upload a file to
online portfolios of their
can add and remove modules
script comes with a ReadMe
that same directory or any
work and achievements
without worry of breaking
file that will guide you
other specified directory.
throughout their educational
anything. You can weight
through setting this up and
You can also specify what
career. Klahowya seeks to
blocks, align blocks, easily
trust me , its pretty easy
file types are allowed, or
provide a secure,
edit templates, create new
to setup. More features will
what extensions are valid.
easy-to-use, open source
templates, all on your own.
be added in the near future !
solution for students to
The system requires the
maintain an online
PEAR::DB package, and uses
portfolio. Students can
MySQL for all database
maintain an ongoing and
updateable listing of their
personal profile, resume,
goal plan, letters of
reference, community
service, school activities,
recognitions, and more.

Date: Jan, 22 2005

Date: May, 12 2005

Date: Jan, 29 2004

Date: Sep, 21 2004
Dont you just hate going into
This is a simple Form Mail
Takes a measurement of data
This login script uses mysql
your phpMYadmin, and editing
for your site. You can edit
and converts it to bits,
and php to create and easy
the querys from there?
to what address you would
bytes, kilobytes, megabytes,
to use and customize login
AutoSQL allows you to edit
like to have the mail sent
gigabytes and terabytes.
script. It requires minimal
MySQL remotely, by simply
to. Only need two pages
effort to create and almost
placing your query in a text
which it comes with for you
none to maintain. It is
box, and then performing the
to edit.Please take a moment
very cheap for its quality.
query. You only have to edit
to visit our site and join
one file, four lines. You
our Forum for more.
will be glad you did! MySQL
editing was never this
easy! Update: Alot more
features - perform queries
on any Database. List the
tables in any given
database, then list each row
with the appropriate
information according to the
fields and columns.

Date: Dec, 13 2004

Date: Mar, 29 2004

Date: Jul, 16 2004

Date: Jun, 21 2004
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