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GC Ping

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MySQL timestamp library

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GC Trace

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Allows you to ping an IP
This script takes MySQL
PHP XS installs apache 2, php
Allows you to trace an IP
address, using the ping
timestamps in the format
5, mysql 4 and phpmyadmin 2
address, using the
command on your Web host. It
MySQL uses (yyyymmddhhmmss)
they are all the latest
traceroute command on your
provides a configurable ping
and then can format these in
versions and are fully
Web host.
a variety of ways. These are
configured for instant
relatively simple functions
use. This is the
with a very specific
simplest way to install a
purpose, but use them if you
php mysql server with the
most reliable web server in
the world, apache!

Date: Jul, 16 2004

Date: May, 28 2005

Date: Jul, 22 2005

Date: Jul, 16 2004
This is a PHP class that you
The PHP Class Generator is a
An excellent simple , but yet
Aliens:2098 is an online text
can use to convert between
small windows desktop
very supportive online
based rpg, made in php using
utf-8, windows, iso, dos,
application that allows a
script , especially for you
mysql to record its data. It
ibm, mac charsets. It's very
PHP programmer to generate
webmasters out there without
is an uncompleted project
useful with databases, text
Entity classes from a MySQL
SQL Support , It Supports
but has working, battle,
procesing, especially when
database table. For
its self , and is 100%
forums, mail, chat,
you have many people on
instance, if the user has a
affective , displaying the
weaponry, account options,
different computers and
table in his or her MySQL
right users online all the
staff otpions there are
different operating systems
database called customers.
time! its a must download
clans but clans also are
working on the same web site.
With this app, that
rather unfinished. Reason
programmer can generate an
for unfinished is due to no
Entity class called customer
more time availible.
that will hold all of the
proper getters and setters
as well as constructor,
destructor and loadById
methods. The app also
provides a DatabaseManager
class, which will connect to
the MySQL database using the
provided connection
parameters given by the
user. This class can be
modified to fit the users
needs. The application
allows for quick, easy and
consistent class design for
better web application
implementation. PHP Class
Generator was written using
MS Visual Studio 2003 and
the 1.1 .NET frameworks. It
was written in VB.NET and
uses a 3rd party component
from Core to connect to the
MySQL database. It also will
make a copy of adodb to the
class path provided at
runtime. An MSI (Microsoft
Installer) has been made for
easy installation on windows
machines (Linux version of
the PHP Class Generator is
not available). It requires
the user to have MySQL and
1.1 .NET frameworks
installed on a Windows XP,
Windows 2000 Pro/Server or

Date: Jul, 29 2004

Date: Aug, 20 2004

Date: Apr, 23 2004

Date: Dec, 14 2005
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