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Yet Another Shout Box

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Country module for PHP-Nuke

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Blind Email Script

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KMP Import CSV to MySQL Table

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PHP based with a mySQL
This PHP-Nuke module manages
This set of scripts is a
Lots of hosting companies
backend. Very simple to
country and other domain
standard email processor
disable the 'USED' command
install, requires PHP and
informations. The user can
that has a selectable 'Send
in mysql, often used to LOAD
mySQL to be installed.
select three different
To' email address and a
DATA INFILE in a CSV format.
functions: 1) total select
selectable subject. The
This script is the attempt
of informations
subject and email address
to work around that. It
(include/omit) with
are pulled from a MySQL
automatically analyzes the
personalization of fields to
Table. The email address are
structure of a MySql
view and graphic to
blind so that email bot
Database, compares it to the
display; 2) predefinited
won't pull your emails.
structure of the data in the
country lists (also rating
Configuration is a little
CSV file, and imports the
lists in rating order!); 3)
more difficult than ct_email
data. Further testing is
search in some important
but works well when
pending. Check the homepage
country fields. In all
configured properly.
for updates.
lists you can view totals in
friendly form and it's
possible to personalize the
output with your style
sheets. Logged as admin,
it's possible to update all
the informations of each
country. This version
includes language files in
english and italian. In the
zip file you can find also
the sql file to create the
enlarged country tabel.

Date: Feb, 04 2004

Date: Dec, 01 2003

Date: Mar, 31 2004

Date: Nov, 08 2004
This tool is very similar to
This is a simple emailer
PHP Random Pictures Add-on
This code reads the names of
phpMyAdmin, with the
script I wrote in my spare
For Gallery Written by
all folders in a directory
difference that the user
time. It only needs one file
Kevin Williams This set of
and generates a menu of
interface is built using
and can be put almost
functions provides an add-on
links to those directories.
Macromedia Flash 7
to the awesome PHP gallery.
If there are no directories,
technology. You may use
It allows you to select a
it checks the next folder
phpFlashMyAdmin to edit
random picture from all of
down and uses those instead.
mysql table definitions and
the pictures and albums that
It also generates a
perform other common data
you've added to your
breadcrumb trail and page
management tasks with MySQL.
gallery. It also allows you
titles based on the url of
Since Flash is used, there
to print the time and date
the page. For more advanced
are no annoying page
of the last time you updated
instructions, click the link
refreshes, as there are with
the gallery.
provided to my site.
HTML-based management
tools. phpFlashMyAdmin
takes MySQL management a
step further... with this
tool, you will now have the
ability to create, edit, and
remove InnoDB table
relationships, a feature
that is commonly found in
advanced, GUI-based
databases like MS Access and
SQL Server. You may cascade
updates and deletions of
table data, and enforce
referential integrity among
your data. This is a feature
which truly sets
phpFlashMyAdmin apart from
any other MySQL
administration tools.

Date: Apr, 01 2004

Date: Dec, 18 2003

Date: Mar, 04 2004

Date: Apr, 16 2005
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