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KMP Import CSV to MySQL Table

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Yet Another Shout Box

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Guest Book (FB)

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Lots of hosting companies
PHP based with a mySQL
A basic PHP and MySQL
a) This free guest book
disable the 'USED' command
backend. Very simple to
guestbook. First version ie
script can be added in to
in mysql, often used to LOAD
install, requires PHP and
the simplest version.
any html website with
DATA INFILE in a CSV format.
mySQL to be installed.
Second version coming out
php. b) Configurable look
This script is the attempt
soon with admin capabilities.
and feel. c) Option to look
to work around that. It
the entries in ascending and
automatically analyzes the
descending order. d) You can
structure of a MySql
view users comments one by
Database, compares it to the
one, with previous and next
structure of the data in the
option. e) File based
CSV file, and imports the
utility. No configurations
data. Further testing is
required. f) Sorting option
pending. Check the homepage
to sort messages in
for updates.
ascending and descending
order. g) Displays total
number of pages.

Date: Nov, 08 2004

Date: Feb, 04 2004

Date: May, 31 2004

Date: Jul, 02 2005
PHP Random Pictures Add-on
The TT calendar library is a
This code reads the names of
Makes many planets with many
For Gallery Written by
PHP library for producing
all folders in a directory
moons and a ring if chosen.
Kevin Williams This set of
and manipulating calendar
and generates a menu of
Now has some planetmaps and
functions provides an add-on
months as HTML. It
links to those directories.
moonmaps and milkyway
to the awesome PHP gallery.
simplifies the process of
If there are no directories,
background if chosen. Looks
It allows you to select a
producing a calendar as an
it checks the next folder
realistic! Outputs wrl or
random picture from all of
HTML table, and allows
down and uses those instead.
source files. Now with
the pictures and albums that
individual days and ranges
It also generates a
random background also!
you've added to your
of days to be coloured or
breadcrumb trail and page
gallery. It also allows you
enclosed in anchor tags at
titles based on the url of
to print the time and date
will. It has been tested
the page. For more advanced
of the last time you updated
with PHP versions greater
instructions, click the link
the gallery.
than 4.0.6. This software is
provided to my site.
free open source software
released under the terms of
the GNU Lesser General
Public Licence.

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Date: Apr, 18 2005
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