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RSA Web Based Accounting Software


RSA Web Based Accounting Software

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RSA Software's Business Solutions version 6.0 is a web-based accounting software designed to provide your company with the foundation required for your accounting and financial reporting needs. Our web based accounting solution is a "HYBRID ASP" that uses browser technology but leaves your data securely on your LAN based server, protected from the Internet. Built on a core of "open-source" technology, RSA Business Solutions combines the speed, functionality, accuracy and stability of traditional LAN based accounting/business software with the usability, accessibility, cost-of-ownership savings and "hard ROI dollars" of a true ASP. Available modules include : - INVOICING - SALES ORDERS - GENERAL LEDGER - ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE - PURCHASING - ACCOUNTS PAYABLE - eCOMMERCE RSA Business Solutions, makes anywhere, anytime, secure accounting a reality !!!
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Date: Nov, 16 2003
Author: http://www.rsasoftware.com


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