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PHP User System

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here is a nice guestbook
A sophisticated, but simple
An excellent yet very
PhpProxy is a web-based
script for your website. it
to use Flash MX/PHP/MySQL
reliable user system , its
HTTP proxy software written
does everything that a real
user authentication system
one of the easiest ones
in PHP, which allows users
guestbook is supposed to do.
that allows you to protect
around to setup , enables
to browse the net without
apart from recording the
your flash pages. It
users to signup on your
restrictions and
site users views and
utilizes PHP/MySQL for quick
website , recieve emails
anonymously,without having
comments, the Guest Book
interaction. All necessary
when your website is updated
to modify their browser's
logs the user's IP's, shows
files included as well as
or about other information ,
SOCKS proxy options.Its aims
entries in order of latest
detailed instructions on how
allows members to access
are to be easy to use and
entries first, records the
to set everything up. Files
private areas , that guests
lightweight. PhpProxy
email addresses and websites
include source fla and
cant! Please download it and
supports the automatic
of your guests/visitors,
table.sql file for easy
rate it :)
modification of href, src,
lets u include smilies with
database configuration.
and action attributes of
a click of your mouse, and
HTML tags to route all those
displays time and date along
requests back through the
with the posts. this is the
script as well as URL and
first release of the Guest
page scrambling features.it
Book and very soon the next
also support GET,POST data
release featuring avatar
to server,pass cookies to
options and admin functions
host! it support download
will be out. a demo is
zip,tar.gz and so
available on the author's
site. download it from the
supports http and https
site and use it for FREE on
which require install
OpenSSl moudule at server.

Date: Jul, 05 2004

Date: Jul, 02 2006

Date: Apr, 25 2004

Date: Apr, 16 2005
Create a professional looking
A nice and simple
The Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy
Ampache is a Web-based Audio
forum on your web site with
tagboard/guestbook script
(ASSP) Server project is an
file manager. It is
a few clicks. You may
for your site. Compatible
open source
implemented with MySQL, and
redistribute this software
with almost all OSs.
platform-independent SMTP
PHP. It allows you to view,
and modify it.
Currently written in
Proxy server which
edit, and play your audio
English. Language: PHP
implements whitelists and
files via the web. It has
Bayesian filtering to rid
support for playlists,
the planet of the blight of
artist and album views,
unsolicited email (UCE). UCE
album art, random play,
must be stopped at the SMTP
playback via Http/On the Fly
server. Anti-spam tools must
Transcoding and
be adaptive to new spam and
Downsampling, Vote based
customized for each site's
playback, Mpd and Icecast,
mail patterns. This free,
Integrated Flash Player, as
easy-to-use tool works with
well as per user themes and
any mail transport and
song play tracking. You can
achieves these goals
also Link multiple Ampache
requiring no operator
servers togeather using
intervention after the
XML-RPC. Ampache supports
initial setup phase.
GETTEXT translations and has
a full translation of many

Date: Feb, 01 2004

Date: Dec, 18 2003

Date: Oct, 05 2006

Date: Nov, 13 2006
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