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Simple WebCounter

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Member system

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Website Generator

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A simple counter written in
RepleteSurveys gives you the
This is a member system with
Database driven free website
PHP that only requires, PHP,
ability to create surveys
an admin section wich makes
program. Create a
no MySQL and only a few KB
with many questions, record
it very easy to use. if you
professional website through
on your FTP server, easy to
survey responses
encounter problems with the
an online administration
install, easy to manage.
automatically in a MySQL
script visit www.flashfx.nl
interface. Change the looks
database, and view the
and we will solve your
of your site as often as you
results Graphically.
want. Switch templates
Features include: *
(160+), buttons, menu's,
Secure Admin login *
flash effects etc. No
Surveys can be
uploading required. All
self-contained webpages,
selections and changes
orů * Easily include your
become effective immediately
surveys in existing webpages
after saving them in the
by cut&paste of the
admin interface.
survey HTML. * Graphical
display of survey responses
/ results in a
self-contained webpage. *
Email you survey to a list
of email addresses. *
Create and maintain many
surveys at once. *
Rearrange, Add, Update, and
Delete survey questions. *
Preview * Survey code
generator in HTML ** New GUI

Date: Jun, 10 2004

Date: Jan, 31 2005

Date: Nov, 12 2003

Date: Oct, 04 2004
This calendar will always
n9PhPGallery is a web-based
Completely Free, Fast,
SForo is a simple forum, but
show the next consecutive
photo gallery built for PHP
Responsive, Quick loading
that contains the essential
months in a page layout you
and mySQL. It includes a
and Reliable
of a forum. That was the
can easily alter. Our
fully-functional admin
Service Invisible Tracking
goal of SForo, to be a
running example shows the
console allowing you to
- no ads on your
simple and basic forum, but
next 12 months. Admin
upload your photos. Photos
website Accurate real-time
as the things change in
access allows you to change
are stored in folders (and
website statistics with
version 2 we will
all the cosmetics via the
sub-folders). Uses GD to
detailed visitor tracking
praise/pour off to make a
web: both the calendar as
generate thumbnails.
and analysis Detailed
forum professional. It
well as the DHTML popup box
breakdown of pageloads,
contains: System of
that shows your special
unique, first-time and
themes. System of
day's message - which can be
returning visitors Search
users. Private
any valid HTML coded message
Engine/Keyword Analysis -
messages. And the basic
- or just plain text. Once
what keywords are people
thing of a forum. Among
you enter the dates, the
using to find your
other things. NEW INTO
calendar program will
site? Drill Down -
SFP 1.2: A new powerful
determine when your event
Incredibly Powerful Tool.
theme. A modified
should be shown based upon
What navigation paths,
bbcode. Better admin. And
'today's' date. Easy
referring links and keywords
fixed some bugs.
install in 5 minutes.
are leading to
conversions? Do you have
multiple websites? Manage
them all from one account

Date: Jan, 14 2004

Date: Nov, 24 2003

Date: Aug, 01 2004

Date: Aug, 09 2004
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