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Download3000 Module

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Blind Email Script

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MySQL Backup Pro

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Referrer Spam Stopper 3000

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With this module you can
This set of scripts is a
This package is meant to
This script is supposed to
integrate a whole
standard email processor
provide backup and restore
parse an Apache log file,
Download3000 software
that has a selectable 'Send
services of MySQL
look for all domains that
archive (almost 4000
To' email address and a
databases. It provides a
exceed a certain amount of
articles) to your PHP-Nuke
selectable subject. The
friendly tab based user
accesses (threshold is set
powered site within one
subject and email address
interface that lets the
as percentage of all
minute. The best of all
are pulled from a MySQL
users create backups of
is the fact that you can
Table. The email address are
given MySQL databases to
normalize/generalize them
earn money through the
blind so that email bot
files, listing previously
and then add it to a
RegNow affiliate program.
won't pull your emails.
generated backups, restore a
.htaccess file in order to
If users will buy software
Configuration is a little
given backup and deleting
block those domains for the
from your site you will earn
more difficult than ct_email
backup files. Currently
future. v1.1: bugfixes,
commission. You need just
but works well when
this package requires PHP
small structural changes,
register yourself at RegNow
configured properly.
with the bzip or zlib
and add your affiliate ID to
extension enabled to
module's config.php. That's
generate compressed backup
files. It also uses the
gonxtabs class to create an
user-friendly navigation
menu. Localisation
support is enabled to let
you configure your
application with your
default langage and change
it, or to add a new
translation. 1.0.6 : You
can choose between create
backup of hole DB or select
specefic tables to
backup. 1.0.7-PRE2 : All
PHP notice error messages
have been removed. Brazilian
Portuguese,Dutch, Chinese
and Tagalog translations
have been added.

Date: Jun, 22 2004

Date: Mar, 31 2004

Date: May, 31 2004

Date: Apr, 10 2004
Lots of hosting companies
PHP Live Assist has more than
PHP based with a mySQL
PHP Random Pictures Add-on
disable the 'USED' command
30 powerful features that
backend. Very simple to
For Gallery Written by
in mysql, often used to LOAD
will bring your on-line
install, requires PHP and
Kevin Williams This set of
DATA INFILE in a CSV format.
sales desk to life. Whether
mySQL to be installed.
functions provides an add-on
This script is the attempt
you are a small site or on
to the awesome PHP gallery.
to work around that. It
the Fortune 500 list PHP
It allows you to select a
automatically analyzes the
Live Assist has all the
random picture from all of
structure of a MySql
power and scalability you'll
the pictures and albums that
Database, compares it to the
ever need. Simply take a
you've added to your
structure of the data in the
free test drive to find out
gallery. It also allows you
CSV file, and imports the
for yourself. This is an ASP
to print the time and date
data. Further testing is
solution that runs on our
of the last time you updated
pending. Check the homepage
the gallery.
for updates.

Date: Nov, 08 2004

Date: Nov, 02 2003

Date: Feb, 04 2004

Date: Mar, 04 2004
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