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WordPress Complete

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The PEAR Installer Manifesto

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“Mastering TypoScript” is a
WordPress is an open-source
“Creating your MySQL
“The PEAR Installer
complete guide to
blog engine released under
Database” book takes a
Manifesto” will show you a
understanding and using
the GNU general public
practical approach,
new way of organizing your
TypoScript, TYPO3's powerful
license.“WordPress Complete”
implementing all theoretical
PHP development, by
configuration language.
is a beginner's guide to
concepts with examples. It
leveraging the full power of
Users can also understand
WordPress, for people who
is a fast-paced tutorial
the PEAR Installer. PEAR
how to present different
are new to blogging and want
that focuses on critical
Installer is the preferred
views of content with
to create their own blogs in
decisions that you need to
PHP software for installing
different menu entry types.
a simple and straightforward
make every time you build
PHP components. You will
With the help of Mastering
manner. It has clear
MySQL databases. It is rich
also learn how to use the
TypoScript book users will
practical coverage of all
with tips and advice from an
power of PEAR to manage your
understand the objects,
aspects of WordPress. If you
web projects with the PEAR
properties, operators, and
want to create powerful,
practitioner. “Creating
installer to bring the power
data types in TypoScript.
fully-featured blogs in no
your MySQL Database” is a
of versioning and rollbacks
Users can also understand
time, this book is for you.
short guide for everyone on
to your live website. The
how to present different
This book will help you
how to structure your data
synergy of the PEAR
views of content with
explore WordPress showing
and set-up your MySQL
Installer and a revision
different menu entry types.
you what it offers and how
database tables efficiently
control system like CVS or
The book helps in designing
to go about building your
and easily. This book has
Subversion is also explored
and developing templates
blog with the system.You
practical examples from
in depth. Finally, you will
along with extension in
will be introduced to the
initial ideas to final
learn how to embed the PEAR
TYPO3. TypoScript also
main aspects of a blog –
designs. This book doesn't
Installer inside your own
allows users to generate
users, communities, posts,
set out to make you an
web application in order to
graphics at run time and
comments, news feeds – and
expert in data analysis, but
manage plug-ins from a
display different content
learn how to manage them
it does provide a quick and
remote server. “The PEAR
dynamically. This book is
using WordPress. In working
easy way to raise your game
Installer Manifesto” covers
suitable for TYPO3
through the book you'll be
in this essential part of
in detail designing a custom
developers, administrators,
inspired as well as
getting your application
plug-in system for a
and designers who want to
informed, and have the
right.Anyone working with
fictitious blog application.
develop fully featured TYPO3
capability and the ideas to
applications that use a
The plug-in system is used
websites using the power of
make your blog cutting edge
MySQL database backend will
to manage templates, and the
and exciting to maximize its
benefit greatly from the
PEAR Installer is used to
advice and techniques in
manage the details of
this book. Written by the
querying the remote server
creator of the popular
for templates, handling
phpMyAdmin tool, this book
dependencies between
is a short but complete
versioning, and doing the
guide on how to design good
actual installation process
data structures for MySQL.
as well.

Date: Jan, 05 2007

Date: Dec, 13 2006

Date: Dec, 13 2006

Date: Nov, 09 2006
This book is an upgrade from
This fast paced and practical
A complete guide to
It will help you to:
the previous version that
tutorial is packed with
successful learning using
-Install and configure
covered phpMyAdmin Version
examples of photo
Moodle, focused on course
Smarty on your Web server,
2.6. Written by a member of
manipulations, logo
development and delivery and
-Understand how Smarty
the development team, this
creation, animations, and
using the best educational
affects your web site
book serves as a
complete web projects. With
practices. Moodle is
architecture, and build site
comprehensive guide to
this book up your sleeve,
relatively easy to install
foundations that make the
helping you unlock the full
you'll be creating
and use, but the real
most of what Smarty
potential of phpMyAdmin 2.8
spellbinding images from
challenge is to develop a
offers, -Designers will
This book will show you how
code in no time. Using
learning process that
learn to work with templates
to increase your
this book, you
leverages its power and maps
that contain variables and
productivity and control
can: -Install the
effectively onto the content
logic, to modify layouts or
when working with your
ImageMagick software on your
established learning
content of Smarty web sites,
databases. You will learn
own computer or a
situation. This book guides
-See how Smarty caching can
how to: -Administer MySQL
server -Create exciting
you through meeting that
improve the performance of
users and privileges, and
text effects and produce eye
challenge. Once you read
your sites, -Develop custom
get statistics about MySQL
catching logos and headings
this book, you will:
Smarty functions and
servers and databases
-Create impressive image
-Understand what Moodle
plug-ins to incorporate into
Manage databases, table data
manipulations and animations
can do, how it compares to
your templates, This
and structures, and
on-the-fly from the command
other e-learning packages,
book is written for PHP
indexes,-Use bookmarks and
line or within your programs
and how it can support your
developers who want to use
metadata,-Generate multiple
-Complete PHP-based sample
teaching strategies
Smarty templates in their
SQL queries,-Generate better
applications show how to use
-Install the Moodle software
development, and for
documentation of evolving
ImageMagick to add pizzazz
on your own computer or a
designers who are working
table structures.
your web site -Slice, dice,
server, and understand your
with PHP developers who are
and filter your images turn
way around it -Know how to
using Smarty.
simple photos into
create different kinds of
mind-bending designs and
courses. Understand all of
illusions -Write web
Moodle's learning
applications such as an
feature. -Manage students
advanced e-card generator,
Beginners to the software
and even create your own
will get a thorough guide to
Packt book cover! -Generate
how the software works.
ImageMagick scripts in MSL
Experienced Moodlers will
using the conjure utility
find powerful insights into
-Create thumbnails by
developing more successful
converting file types,
and educational courses.
resizing, and cropping to
consistent size, aspect

Date: Oct, 18 2006

Date: Aug, 25 2006

Date: Aug, 17 2006

Date: Aug, 11 2006
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