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Professional PHP

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Core PHP Programming

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This book covers middle-tier
Core PHP Programming is the
programming with PHP. It
first complete, practical
features: Real world,
guide to PHP 3.x for
practical experience and
experienced Web developers.
techniques; From
Discover how PHP borrows the
installation and
best ideas from Java, Perl,
configuration of the PHP3
and C to create a remarkably
engine to advanced dynamic
productive scripting
application design;
environment. Then, with the
Definitive coverage of core
guidance of a leading PHP
PHP language and database
developer, learn every
technique you need to build
fast and robust Web
applications. Master PHP
syntax; then, review every
PHP function, including I/O,
data, and math functions;
time, date, configuration,
image, and database
functions. See PHP at work
in sample code that
demonstrates sorting,
searching, parsing, and
string evaluation. Finally,
walk through three complete
Web/database integration
applications, learning
essential techniques for
building HTML tables from
SQL queries; tracking site
visitors; storing content in
databases, and much more.

Date: Jan, 05 2000

Date: Oct, 11 1999
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