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WordPress is an open-source
XML and PHP is a clear,
blog engine released under
concise guide to the
the GNU general public
synergies between XML and
license.“WordPress Complete”
PHP, many of which are not
is a beginner's guide to
immediately visible to
WordPress, for people who
intermediate developers. XML
are new to blogging and want
and PHP demonstrates how PHP
to create their own blogs in
and XML can be combined to
a simple and straightforward
build cutting-edge Web
manner. It has clear
applications. It includes
practical coverage of all
detailed explanations of
aspects of WordPress. If you
PHP's XML extensions,
want to create powerful,
together with illustrations
fully-featured blogs in no
of using PHP to parse,
time, this book is for you.
validate and transform XML
This book will help you
markup, traverse XML data
explore WordPress showing
trees, exchange data between
you what it offers and how
Web applications, overlay
to go about building your
remote procedure calls over
blog with the system.You
HTTP, and use free
will be introduced to the
open-source tools to add new
main aspects of a blog –
capabilities to your PHP/XML
users, communities, posts,
comments, news feeds – and
learn how to manage them
using WordPress. In working
through the book you'll be
inspired as well as
informed, and have the
capability and the ideas to
make your blog cutting edge
and exciting to maximize its

Date: Dec, 13 2006

Date: Feb, 19 2006
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